Wedding Superstitions&Traditions from other cultures:

·    In English tradition, it is considered bad luck to get married on a Saturday, while it is good luck to get   married on a Wednesday (ironic since most weddings are on Saturdays!)
·     In Swedish wedding tradition, the bride puts a silver coin in her shoe from her father and a gold coin in the other shoe from her mother. This is a symbol that they are both very important to her. (It also signifies that she will have an easier time during childbirth).
·     In Egypt, people pinch the bride for good luck.
·     In Morocco, brides take a bath in milk before the wedding as a purity ritual.
·     In traditional Czech weddings, peas are thrown at the newlyweds as they make their grand exit.
·    At the end of the wedding ceremony, Italian couples throw a vase or glass on the ground, hopefully hattering it into many pieces, as each piece represents the number of years they will share together.
·     In Chinese wedding tradition, some guests perform the lion dance, where they dance to the beat of cymbals, gongs, and drums in order to ward off evil spirits.
·     In Mexican wedding ceremony traditions, the groom offers the bride 13 gold coins, or arras, which represent Christ and his apostles. After the vows, the priests wraps a band of flowers (or some sort of long band) in a figure eight around the couple to symbolize their infinite unity.
·      In some Islamic cultures, eggs are often presented to the couple as gifts, as they represent righteousness and fertility. Sometimes, the groom steps on an egg to show his satisfaction with the union. Other times, an egg is broken during the celebration because white symbolizes luck for the new couple. Also, during the reception, the bride is often hoisted up and paraded around for a couple of hours. When she is finally let down to the ground, this indicates the end of the festivities.