DIY-Gothic Valentine Coffin (Jewelry Box)

DIY-Gothic Valentine Coffin (Jewelry Box)
Things you need:
·         Cardboard for the coffin
·         Fabric of your choice to cover the coffin and the facing
·         Scissors
·         Glue – hot glue gun is preferable.
·         Tools for cutting and marking the cardboard.
·         Tape
·         A printer

First of all, print out the  Coffin Template (PDF).

Transfer the template onto cardboard,
Nicely drawn up onto the cardboard. I used a utility knife to 
cut out the cardboard coffin.
Trace the folding lines a bit with a “milder” tracing wheel,
 so it will fold better.
Fold everywhere, where folding is to be done
And tape the coffin sides and lid sides together with a lot of tape
Cut out the facings in cardboard too. These are just a couple 
of millimeters smaller than the bottom of the coffin and the lid, 
because we’re going to add some fabric.
Cut some fairly large pieces of fabric of your choice.
Glue that fabric onto the coffin and the lid –I used a hot glue gun, 
due to it’s effectiveness.
Glue fabric onto the facing as well.
Now glue the facings onto the bottom of the coffin and the lid.
And the Gothic Valentine Coffin is ready