DIY Birdcage Veil Tutorial

French or Russian Netting
Hair comb
Optional: Flower or lace 

1. I bought 1 yard of 19” French netting, and just cut it down. The dimensions you trim the width to are Completely dependent upon how large of a veil you want. The wider it is the bigger the veil /the more of your Face it will cover. You’ll have to play around with it by wrapping it around your head/face to determine how large you want it.

2. Cut the width how you like it, you need to cut the length. I cut mine across at 12”, but again, this Dimension should be adjusted according to the size you want your veil to be.

3. After cutting the fabric, you will make two diagonal cuts. I started my cuts about 8” up on each side, but These cuts don’t have to be exact. Make sure you make the diagonal cuts on the cut edges, leaving the Finished edge untouched on the bottom. 

4. The sewing begins. Starting at one corner, secure your thread to the netting by tying a small knot. Then Weave your needle and thread in and out through the tiny squares, moving your way around the edge. You Will weave the fabric along the lines in my picture.

5. After you have weaved all the way around, the ends will bunch together. Secure the ends together by tying Off the thread.

6. Now you can either cut off any extra thread and be done, or you can sew a flower or some lace on top of Your comb to disguise it.
You can sew some little crystals or beads at random places. 

Have fun!!
I hope that I helped you choose a veil . you can still always go with the regular white veil, but you should Dare sometimes and be yourself on this special day, that you usually have only once…
Love, Talila.♥