5 DIY Creative Wedding Favors:

If the weather is likely to be hot, put a pretty straw fan on each chair  before the ceremony. 
You can put a tag on the handle with your names and the date, if you desire.
Bath salts: 
It takes seconds to make them from sea salt, kosher salt, or Epsom salts and essential oils. Choose a scent that evokes the time and place of your wedding, and package them in small screw-top or cork-topped glass jars .Recipes abound on the Internet, so choose one and make a test batch a month or so before the wedding and make sure it turns out—and keeps—well.
Tiny picture frames make excellent homes for place cards. Just print out sheets of names and table numbers and slide them in. You can even place a Polaroid camera on each table, or near the guest book, for people to snap postage-stamp-sized pics to slip into the frames over the course of the evening.
There’s nothing like an eco-friendly favor that will last long after the big day. Attach your guest's name and table number to each vessel and they'll double as escort cards.

Herbed Olive Oil
All you need is fresh herbs, olive oil and a bottle, and you're ready to make this delicious and practical wedding favor. Your guests will love the thoughtfulness, and you'll love the simplicity of the project!
Start by washing your herbs and letting them dry thoroughly. Then, put a few leaves or sprigs into each bottle and pour in the olive oil. Add the cork and you're done! Go the extra mile by adding a personalized label to the front of each bottle. If you make these about two weeks before your big day, the herbs will have time to infuse the oil with   plenty of flavor