Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Couples Discover: Tips for a Perfect Relationship

Couples Discover: Tips for a Perfect Relationship

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and although there’s
Nothing wrong in a Day celebrating love, the secret to 
A perfect relationship is actually to express Your love in
Everyday life by making romantic gestures and having special 
Moments, not necessarily on a designated date.

Whoever said that “All is fair in love” was probably not talking 
About a long-term relationship, since it surely is advisable to decide 
On some ironclad rules for your relationship, which will help you
In everyday life. Because after all of The preparations, excitement, 
And stress, a new road begins. That’s not to say That everyday life
Is bad, but rather the opposite: if you’re living with the person you
love the most, it’s likely that your life will get much more Interesting. 
Generally, the day after the wedding is not the end but rather the 
Beginning - the first step of your shared journey. Just remember 
To enjoy the Ride.

So we asked some couples to tell us how they maintain their 
Relationship in their everyday life. It’s not a secret that married life
Can fall into routine sometimes, but small gestures can not only prevent 
Love from dying, but make it even stronger.

So remember that the day after the wedding is only the beginning, 
And that the road to a good and healthy relationship is paved with 
The small things couples do to each other, not only one day every year.

Allow personal development:

“Every person has his own habits and friends, which don’t simply
Disappear when entering a relationship. We believe that couples 
Must allow each other the ability to develop their own personality - 
Which means doing things that you love, even if you do those things 
Alone, as well as meeting personal friends.”

Weekends - always together:

“Continuing life before wedding in the exact same way by spending 
Quality time - Friday and Saturday are our days for going out -
Restaurants, sea, trips - anything works as long as we do it together.

Breakfast club:

It may sound cliché, but we like getting hooked on TV series together.
Another thing we like doing is making nice breakfasts together - 
Not only on weekends. Having some time together in the morning is 
Really fun - both preparing and eating the meal together.

Dating my husband:

“We date each other at least once a week to do something fun 
Together. It could be going to a good restaurant, drinking something, 
Or anything else we like doing together.”

I want to thank all the couples who told us how much small romantic
Gestures matter even and especially after the wedding.

Because after all, why do we wed if not for the small moments of love
And happiness?

I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day, and that every
Other day will be a festival of love.

See you in the next post,