Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rockabilly Wedding

When think about a wedding,
Immediately comes to mind a groom, bride, music,
Cake and romance.
When you think about Rockabilly Wedding, 
You also think about rock and roll ...
And when you mix them together ...  party time ....
I love weddings Rockabilly, here are some tips and ideas ♥

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What Is Rockabilly?

The rockabilly wave began in the late 1950s, 
When young up and comers like Elvis and Johnny Cash
Were laying roots on the music scene. 
Rockabilly combines bits of country and bluegrass for
Twang with rock music for a youthful, unique vibe. 
Rockabilly enthusiasts drove fast cars, listened to 
Their music loud, and dressed with a bit of rebellious
Risqué-ness that was unique and exciting.

Rockabilly weddings usually have a red and white or red
And black theme (don’t think about the red wedding though!
And they feature classic rockabilly style staples like polka dots,
Bows, hearts, records, 50s music (of course), bright lipstick,
Red shoes (creeper shoes?), pompadour hair and victory rolls. 
Couples that choose to spend their happiest day in a perfect 50s 
Style should start planning with plenty of anticipation:
Planning a wedding is never easy, but planning a 1950s inspired 
Wedding might take a bit more effort.

Cake- The possibilities are endless with this one. 
Get a tattoo inspired cake, records, pinup, even a polka dotted 
Cake would be cool! Have a giant heart on it, use cool 50s bride and 
Groom cake toppers. Get creative with it.

CandiesThere are always plenty of candies, 
Or cupcakes at rockabilly weddings. We don’t know why,
Maybe it’s just because they’re colorful to the right point.

 Placeholders- This is a good thing to start from for
Super cool wedding. You can get really creative with 
Placeholders, they can literally be everything, even records.

Tattoo inspiration- We bet that if you’re planning a rockabilly
Wedding you have one tattoo or two, don’t you? 
A tattoo inspired centrepiece will give a whole new
Light to those tables.

Photo booth - Hire a photo booth and place a box full of 
Props next to it. See your guests getting creative and having fun, 
And collect lots of cool photos to look at in the years to follow.

Elvis impersonator - This could be a fun idea to animate the evening!
 Or you could make the groom do it. What’s better than an
 Elvis song played by your husband (impersonating Elvis)?

?So what theme you choose for your wedding
.Share with us
See you on the next post.


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