Sunday, November 8, 2015

Little Black Wedding Dress

This week we will talk about a little black wedding dress. 
Do you have the courage to get married with it? 
What would your mother say? 
Let's find out.

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We're use to think that black dress can be used only for evening

Dress but many designers in the USA and Europe are now claiming 

That the black dress can also use as a wedding dress. 

The Goth scene is now gaining momentum and you can see more

And more brides with black and white dresses. One of the famous 

Brides who got married in a black dress was Sarah Jessica Parker,

Who got married in 1997.

There are quiet a lot brides who don’t like the color white 

And find themselves wearing it owing to inertia. Many women 

Rather black and for them wearing a black wedding dress is

A dream coming true. Instead of following the social conventions 

They are choosing what's right for them in their big day.

On the other hand, you don’t have to wear a black wedding dress

Just because of the color. If you are aware of its benefits, 

There are many ways to combine it. Colors combinations are Common 

Among the modern bride, such purple, gold and red. Yet, 

It seems that the black and white combination is the most elegant And classic.  



· In Spain it is a tradition for women to wear 
Black gowns, which are to symbolize that the 
Bride is faithful until death.

The symbolic meaning of a black wedding dress:


According to,
Black is considered the color "of mourning."
A black wedding gown would indicate 
That the bride was unhappy or unwilling to be
Joined in marriage.


In some cases, the black wedding dress
Symbolizes mourning for a deceased person. 
In fact, notes that 
Brides in the 1800s and early 1900s wore
A black wedding dress when they were 
Marrying a widower.

Bad Luck

Black wedding dresses are commonly 
Associated with bad luck. 
A common wedding rhyme explains 
This by saying "married in black, 
You'll wish you were back."

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So what is your feeling on Black Wedding Dresses?
Would you wear one if you could get away with it?
Tell us what you think?

See you on the next post,


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