Sunday, August 2, 2015

Elvis Themed Wedding

This week we will talk about themed weddings,
And this time- Elvis Presley style. 
Tips, advices and ideas to come. 

An Elvis Wedding Illustration by James Dignan

While some people prefer a traditional wedding,
A growing number of couples are deciding that they would
Like to have something different for their big day.
By looking through the unusual wedding ideas, a couple
Can find inspiration for their own nuptials and create a one
Of a kind unusual wedding that will be well remembered by
All who attend the ceremony. The concept of unusual
Weddings should not only be about the ceremony, 
But should also include all of the little details, such as unusual 
Wedding invitations and a registry complete with non-traditional gifts.

Here’s how to plan an Elvis wedding:

Choose the Site: The Elvis wedding locations run the gamut

From the elaborate Graceland Chapel to a drive-through on

The Las Vegas Strip and many other chapels led by 

An Elvis impersonator. Everyone who loves Elvis has

Something different in mind for this special wedding event, 

And there really is the right venue for you with all the choices 

Available. There is even a nude Elvis! You can also get 

Dressed up as Elvis. If you cannot make it to Las Vegas 

To check out the various wedding places before your 

Own event, ask the Elvis chapel for a complete rundown of 

What is going to take place. You also want to see a video or,

At least, photographs, as well as know the different packages 

Available and their costs.

Request for Priscilla and Elvis to be present
At your wedding. Yup, These celebrity 
Impersonators are so eerily close to the real 
Celebrities that it’s like having the real 
Persona present to celebrate your nuptials. 
Ask Elvis to walk you down the aisle, 
Perform the ceremony while Priscilla
Takes pictures of the ceremony. 
In place of your own vows, use the 
Vows exchanged by Elvis and Priscilla
When they got married in May 1, 1967.
Afterward, you can even bring home a copy
Of Elvis and Priscilla’s authenticated 
Wedding certificate.

Elvis n Priscilla

Make your Las Vegas wedding legal. Take a trip to the
Clark County courthouse to buy a marriage license.
Bureau hours are 8 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.
(Valentine's Day is peak time.) The cost of a marriage license
In Clark County is $55. Marriage applicants must provide
Proof of age with either a passport or birth certificate.
Social Security numbers of both parties are required for the
Marriage license to be issued. Nevada marriage law requires
No blood test and no waiting period. It usually takes less than
10 minutes to get the marriage license and as little as 15 
Minutes for the marriage ceremony.

Play Elvis songs. There’s nothing more authentic to an
Elvis wedding than then his ageless songs. 
Skip the traditional wedding march, and walk toward
Your groom to Elvis singing "Can't help falling in love
With you" .This guarantees there won't be a dry eye in
The house, as you walk toward your waiting sweetie to
One of Elvis greatest love songs. 

Serve Elvis’ favorite food on the menu. 
Elvis grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi loving fried 
Southern food and it showed in his physique. 
Some of Elvis’ favorite food for inclusion in your menu 
Should be Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Bread, Bacon, 
Sweet Potato Pie, Cheese Burgers, Pork Chops, Meatloaf
Steak, Hot Dog with Sauerkraut, Barbecue Pizza, 
Corn Bread, Jell-O, Fried Chicken with Homemade Gravy,
Potato Cheese Soup, Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream
And Pepsi.

Send your guests off with Elvis wedding souvenirs.
A CD, playing cards, or key chains – all Elvis-inspired - 
Caps off your Elvis wedding perfectly.

Viva Las Vegas  …:)

What do you think?
Is it too cheesy?
Would you rather a simple wedding? 
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