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How to plan A Punk Rock Weddings ?

Let's talk about how to plan punk rock wedding.
Here are some tips:

How to plan
A Punk Rock Weddings
Whether you're an offbeat couple or just want to have a wedding
That is unique, the key to a non-traditional wedding is to think
About what kind of wedding you will enjoy rather than worrying
Too much about what the guests will think…

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If you choose this punk rock wedding,
Heres some useful advices to help you plan:

The best thing about a punk rock wedding is that is not 
Necesary to spend a lot of money, you can easily by 
Books or magazines, see the things you would like to 
Have and make them yourself. That can make a great 
DIY session in which you can involve the bridesmaids 
So that the memory of your wedding it won’t be about
Just one day. One of the most important things you 
Should consider when you want to have a punk
Wedding are bright colors. Mixing the right colors 
Can transform a mundane location into the unique
Place you dreamt for your wedding.

The most common colors used for this kind of wedding are 
Black, white and red. But if you have another favourite bright
Color you can mix it with black or white and your going to 
Get a good result for sure. For exemple, you can organize
Your whole wedding around the colors black,blue and white. 
For a more feminine touch you can use instead of blue some 
Nice shades of pink. Don’t be afraid to mix more than one 
Bright color, there is no wrong or right when it comes to
Punk rock wedding, it all depends on your vision.

You can personalize almost everything when it comes to
A punk rock wedding by infusing the bright neon colors
Everywhere, in the table settings, in the cake, the tent
Decorations. You also shouldn’t forget about the rest of
The details that can make a perfect wedding such as 
Music,invitations, decorations, photos.

Don't Wear White

*A non-traditional bride should feel free to wear a 
Non-traditional dress. Look at the collections of alternative 
Bridal designers such as Punk Rock Bride, a line that includes 
Knit dresses and two-piece ensembles. Some bridal dress 
Designers now make dresses in shades of pink or gold or 
Use fabric with colorful patterns. If you spot a bridesmaids 
Dress that you love, see if the designer makes it in a pale shade.
You could end up with a much cheaper dress this way.

* Let your bridesmaids wear cocktail dresses with a color
Or style theme rather than those made specifically as bridesmaid Dresses

:Make the bouquets from buttons, brooches, or paper instead of flowers

*Wear a Facinator instead of wearing a veil.:

* Toss something fun, like a bride and groom bears or candy,
Instead of the bouquet and garter.

* Instead of guests throwing rice or bird seeds as you come out
Of the church, play music and have everyone dance.

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 Or come up with your own ideas to create a ceremony and
Reception that reflect who you truly are as a couple. 

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