Sunday, June 14, 2015

Steampunk -Why it's such a cool idea for a wedding...?

This week we will talk about steampunk wedding.
What is steampunk? Which bouqete should you choose? 
What should you wear? 
Stay with me.


? Why it's such a cool idea for a wedding
Fashion is definitely a big part of Steampunk style with an emphasis
On lace-up boots, hats, corsets and gloves. Go as Gothic, punk, dark
Or bright as you choose. Many things you find at an antique store can
 Be used as Steampunk style items, such as clocks, lamps, globes and
.Quirky pieces, such as hourglasses, medicine bottles and magnifying
Glasses.Think the ideas of classic 
,Victorian style with dark silhouettes, long sleeves
 Lace, high collars and hats, but with a twist
.Take all of your Victorian visions
 (?who doesn’t love the romantic tales by the Bronte sisters)
. And mix them with a little bit of alternate reality, fantasy and science

 Steampunk Bouquet:
This bouqete which ive designed, has many 
Elements such pearls, lace flowers and brass.
Use your imagination and mix everything from rock, gothic,
Victorian, vintage and futuristic into your wedding elements.

Some say Steampunk is a sub-culture genre that mixes
Science Fiction with Victorian era fashion. It can look a bit 
Post-apocalyptic, and then again, it's also kind of futuristic... 
It's a world filled with sepia tones fused with rich jewel 
Colored accessories, lots of bronze, brass and copper, 
With shapes of cogs and vintage typewriter keys.
 Fashions include plenty of lace-ups, corsets, buckles, hats, 
Goggles, stripes and crinolines.

While planning your wedding, it is possible through internet vendors 
And some ingenuity to create your own Steampunk theme.
Many craftspeople on Etsy, specialize in making dresses,
Suits and accessories for your entire wedding party.
They also personalize each order if you have a specific 
Color theme in mind.

Steampunk cake:
Steampunk-themed weddings often incorporate a clock
Gears and antique clock hands into their designs,
Drawing on the industrialism of the turn of last century. 
.Bits of clockwork make great cake accents

Steampunk Facsinator/Veil :

Peacock feathers are a stunning addition to your
Steampunk wedding.
A Steampunk wedding veil that is as unique as the bride herself.
This stunning Steampunk fascinator was designed and hand
Crafted by me in my studio.

For more veils visit this store:

Steampunk Wedding Dresses:
You can find a gown as costly as above $2000 to something 
As affordable as under $200 , it basically depends upon your
Budget what you choose, it does not have to be too extravagant,
Make sure ti is something you feel comfortable in, in the end it is 
“Your” wedding day!
I just love this $700 wedding gown I came across
It’s simple, classy and looks comfortable!

Ready to plan your own Steampunk wedding?
Which dress will you choose- black or white 
With black elements?maybe red or eve purple…
Biredcage veil?  or  peacock fascinator?
And the cake- black and white or with edible clocks?
Share us and comment.
See you on the next post,
Talila. ♥

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Engagement Sessions

This week we will film your engagement declaration, 
So you have something to show for your grandchildren. 
So, how do you do it? Here are some ideas.
Stay with me...

You’ve decided to get married, and you’ve already
Announced it to your family and friends. Now let's film it.
How do you do it? Here are some tips:
If you like music, especially vinyl records go to the
Nearest record store and take some photos with the
Good familiar feel.
If you like tattoos, go and make a similar tattoo
That will last for ever. 

Don’t forget to bring the ring with you, it's an item you'd like
to picture. Also bring white dress, high heels and an old
picture frame. You can take pictures behind the frame,
picture the high heels and the dress and there are a lot more 
Think of the place and the items together. 
When you finish make a photo book to remember.

Good luck!

I’d love to hear any feedbacks you might have on this post…
See you on the next post.

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I don't own all the pictures on this blog. If you own the copyright to any of the pictures and want Them removed or credited, please let me know.