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Wedding Traditions: To Toss or Not to Toss?

This week we will talk about wedding traditions,
 Which ones you can pass and what twists you can give them.

Traditions can be great, but not all wedding traditions are
Necessary, or even meaningful, in today’s weddings.
The thing that is important in a tradition is that it means
Something to you. So don’t do the traditional wedding
Vows if they hold no personal meaning for you…
Here are some old traditions that no one miss,
And a couple that I think are outdated and awkward.

Giving Favors:*
Can you remember any of the wedding favors you’ve
Received at a wedding?
I bet most of you will say no.While favors can be a fun
Way to include your personalities or identities into your wedding details,
They aren’t necessary and probably won’t be missed.

Having your dad walk you down the aisle.
While some brides (and dads!) love this tradition and look forward to it,
Many brides are uncomfortable with the patriarchal roots of this tradition
Or just don't have great relationships with their fathers. So if you want 
To walk with both of your parents, your mom, your stepdad, or just walk 
Alone, it's really just a personal choice.

* Other traditions have died because of changing social norms,
Like tying the bride’s shoes to the bumper of the newlyweds’ car.
The bride’s shoes were seen as a symbol of possession or
Ownership, and her father would take her shoes before the wedding
And give them to the groom – basically transferring ownership
Of the bride to the groom.  This obviously wouldn’t go over very
Well today, and it effectively ended in the 1960’s and 1970’s when
Gender equality rightfully became a big issue.

* As for the garter, the decline seems to be more of an issue of
Decorum than of political correctness.  A groom once said, 
“There’s no ‘classy’ way to stick my hands up her (the bride’s) 
Dress in front of her grandma.”  I think that was pretty well put.
At many modern weddings, the groom removes and tosses the 
Bride’s garter to the groomsmen right after the bride tosses her 
Bouquet to the bridesmaids. Traditionally, the unmarried man who 
Catches the garter must place it on the leg of the unmarried woman 
Who catches the bouquet, and it is said that they will be the next two
To marry (not necessarily to each other). It’s a fun ritual, but many
Couples have chosen not to include it because guests could be injured
Easily, and it might embarrass the single women who are 
“dragged” to the floor to participate.

 * Having a Bride’s Side and a Groom’s Side:
While the idea of having your friends and family on your 
“Side” doesn’t bother me. I also love the idea of letting people 
Sit wherever they want for your ceremony.  And it eliminates the
Need for ushers, which I also think are totally unnecessary.

Here are some alternatives to the 
Bouquet/garter toss:
*Throw the Bouquet to All Women – Most of the bouquet tosses
That I see now include both unmarried and married women, 
Without the garter toss.  Tossing it to all of the Women eliminates the 
“Stigma” issue, and still allows you to include the tradition at your 
*Invite all the women onto the dance floor, married and single. 
Ask them all to make a wish right as the bouquet is tossed and whoever 
Catches it will get their wish.
*The couple say a few words and then ‘as a token of love and 
Appreciation', They give the bouquet to her parents.
*Whichever version the couple chose, the bouquet and garter toss are best 
Done right after the cake cutting. This allows the caterer to cut and serve 
The Cake while guests are being entertained. Many couples are 
Dispensing with These two traditions altogether,
While some hold fast to what they have
Known, like and wish to replicate.

The decision to do a bouquet toss or garter toss is definitely a matter 
Of personal preference, sensibilities and sensitivities of the couple 
And their guests. Each couple should weigh their options before deciding.

Hope I helped :)

What have you decided? 
Would you pass the bouquet or garter toss? The
What about tying the bride's shoes to the car?
See you on the next post,

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

8 Questions , to Ask Before Booking Your DJ :

Hiring your Wedding DJ should not be so frightening.

After all, the DJ is supposed to be the fun part of a wedding!

Certainly there are a lot of things you need to know before you hire,

But perhaps the most important thing you can do is to interview

Your DJ before you make a decision.

Here’s some questions you need to ask before choosing your Dj...
1.Will you be the DJ at our wedding?
Often, the person you speak with is not the person who will be your
DJ on your wedding day. 
This is a very common practice among large agencies.
It is absolutely paramount that you have an opportunity to interview,
In person, the specific DJ that you will be working with and Determine 
Whether you feel comfortable with them. 
You should also expect that the individual DJ’s name is specified on 
Your contract – it is the only way you can be guaranteed his or her Services
At your wedding .

2. May we meet with you in person before we sign a contract?
Many wedding DJs attempt to conduct their interviews
Over the telephone and through email instead of meeting
Face-to-face with prospective clients. In our experience, there are
Two reasons a disc jockey would do this – either they don’t feel
You are worth their time, or they have something to hide.
Some deejays are very different in person than on the telephone
And what is presented on their website, and you should insist on
Meeting in face-to-face so you can judge for yourself whether
They are a good match for you and your wedding.  Your "gut" feeling
Feeling is very important in selecting the right disc jockey, and it's 
Practically impossible to make this evaluation unless you are together in 
Person.Now we do understand you might be coming from out of
Town or your hectic schedule doesn't allow for a face to face,
But always suggest FaceTime or Skype if you can't come to an 
Agreement on timing.

3. How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have 
You done?
A wedding is such an important occasion, and you don't want your 
DJ's first wedding to be your own. The number of years someone has 
Been A DJ will give you some indication of their experience level,
But some DJs only Perform for a few events (and fewer weddings) 
Each year. A DJ with half As many years in the industry may have 
Many Times as many weddings Under His belt,
So you should also ask how many weddings the DJ has done. 
Also be sure to ask if the DJ has any formal training, 
Either from a DJ company or a DJ school.

4. How many weddings do you do each year?
Just like any other profession, performing for weddings requires
One’s skills to be in top form. If a DJ performs for only 
A few weddings per year, they may not be “at the top of their game” 
By the time your wedding date arrives. Asking how many
Weddings they do per year will give you an indication of their level 
Of commitment to your type of event.

5. Have you played at our reception site before?
Wedding experience is important, and so is familiarity with your
Reception site. Every site poses different challenges – different load- 
In and security procedures, different room sizes and configurations, 
Different acoustics, even antiquated electrical outlets that need to be
Grounded manually. Hiring a DJ that is familiar with your site 
Will give you peace of mind that you won’t have any surprises
On your wedding day. Obviously, even the best DJs can’t have 
Performed at every site in the area (since there are hundreds 
Available in any area), but if he hasn’t been to yours, 
He should be willing to adequately prepare himself prior to 
Your event by visiting the venue and/or speaking with 
The site contact and studying a floor plan.

6. What if something happens to you and you can’t make it to the wedding?
Despite meticulous planning and preparation, accidents do happen. 
If the DJ is injured or otherwise unable to perform on your wedding
Day, what is the backup plan? Most responsible professionals have
Some sort of backup strategy should this situation ever arise, 
But others do not. Often, DJs will be members of a local DJ 
Association, and network with other DJs who could possibly 
Provide backup services for them in the event of an emergency. 
Others take this planning more seriously and reserve a specific DJ
For every date , ensuring that backup is both available and prepared in 
Case of an emergency.  You need to feel comfortable that you will
Still have a qualified, prepared DJ on your wedding day,
Regardless of the circumstances, so the answer to this
Question is very important.

7. How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?
This is an important question to ask, because some DJs prefer
To control the majority of the playlist and supplement their choices
With a small handful of your specific requests. Other disc jockeys prefer
To let the client choose the majority of the music,
And then use their expertise to make it all work. 
The DJ should be accommodating of your music tastes, and you
Should feel comfortable with the DJ's approach and the amount of 
Involvement you'll be able to have in choosing the music.

8. How much of a deposit is required to secure our date?
Almost every DJ will require some sort of deposit or retainer
In order to secure your date. This is for their protection and yours.
The industry standard for deposits is 50%. Some DJs require far less,
But this is not always a good idea. If the contract language doesn’t 
Stipulate a specific guarantee of services and clearly outline a
Cancellation policy, the DJ may only legally be responsible for
Returning your deposit (sometimes as little as $25) in order to back
Back out of doing your wedding. While it would certainly be
Considered unprofessional, there certainly isn’t any financial 
Incentive for the DJ if he’s only forced to pay a small fee for
Backing out on you.

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I hope the tips you got will help you to make the
Right decision for you and to hire the best Dj for your wedding.
Tell us who you chose and how was he.
See you on the next post .
Talila. ♥

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