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Your wedding day: the moment you’ve been
Dreaming about since you were a little girl, possibly
One of the biggest moments in your life. Like any bride,
You want it to be perfect. In the midst of all the
Planning and preparation leading up to your wedding day,
Though, it’s easy to spend more time worrying than enjoying.
But this is your day–you deserve to enjoy it. And wit
These helpful wedding day tips for the bride, it might
Be easier than you expected.

    Eat a good breakfast. You may not feel like it, but a decent breakfast will keep your energy
! levels up for the busy day ahead

    HaveFun .
It sounds so simple, doesn't it. It sounds simple, but for most brides
That have been heavily involved in the planning of their wedding, it's
Really hard for them to let go of the planning and worrying about
Everything going right. When it comes to your wedding day, it's time to
Let go. All the planning is over. Today is the day to have fun and
Enjoy all the work that's been put into making your day the most
.Special day of your life


  Bring a bridal emergency kit with you.  
On the day of your wedding, you want everything
To go right.  Inevitably, though, something goes awry
That’s why you should bring a bridal first aid kit
With you that has everything and anything you could
Possibly need on your wedding day.


Stay hydrated. 
This goes hand in hand with the wedding dresses are hot point.
It’s a tricky situation.  I have seen many brides try to not drink 
Many fluids that day to avoid having to use the restroom, to try 
And fit in their dresses better, or just plain have been so 
Busy that they forgot to drink some water.  Unfortunately, the lack 
Of drinking fluids in combination with the very hot dresses, 
Can quickly lead to finding yourself extremely dehydrated.  
Along with all the activity of the day, this can lead brides to pass out. 
So in the end, ask yourself, which is more embarrassing, having to
Use the rest rooms a few times with your wonderful bridesmaids 
Assisting you, or passing out at your own wedding.  I’m guessing 
The latter.  To avoid this problem try to remember to drink a fair 
Amount of water while you are getting ready in the morning and 
During the reception.  Be sure to use the restroom right before you 
Put on your dress.  Ask your servers to keep your glass full of water 
If you have servers, and if not, ask members of your bridal party to 
Bring you water when they can.


YouLookBeautiful .
No matter what, you look beautiful today! Every bride feels 
Beautiful on their wedding day. Brides cannot hear this enough 
On their big day. If you're the bride, let yourself be pampered
And feel like a princess. If you are family or a friend of the
Bride, make your bride feel special and beautiful. Take care
Of her on her special day. She will remember it always.


Steal a moment for just the two of you.
Sneak away from the party and take a minute by 
Yourselves to stop and enjoy the moment. You'll be glad you did. 

Flat shoes

You're probably in love with your gorgeous new bridal heels: 
White, encrusted with jewels and even red-soled! Moment 
Of reverential Louboutin silence. “I'm never taking them off, ever!” 
You cry. But by the end of the night you will almost certainly change 
Your mind in favor of busting your moves on the dance floor. 

8 .
 An evening dress
Even if you're planning to wear your wedding dress all day long, 
It's worth shopping around for a glamorous evening dress, you also
Love, and having it to hand for the reception. That way, in 
A wedding dress emergency, you can whip it off and emerge 
Resplendent in your backup gown like you'd planned it all along. 
If you don't use it, you can always return it, or keep it for the honeymoon.



Anticipate and plan for things going wrong or taking more time
Than expected. Allow yourself plenty of time to add the finishing
Touches–your well-being depends on it.



In the midst of all the fun and celebration, take a moment with 
Your new spouse and remember what brought the two of you together. 
At the end of the day, your wedding is about your union and eternal love
And commitment to one another. Don’t forget it.

So what do you think, brides?
Which of these tips makes the most sense to you?
Did we miss any?

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