Sunday, March 15, 2015

Why do couples always fight before the Wedding?

This week we will try to understand why couples fight when the 
wedding is close, tips and advices. Relax and stay with us.

Half a year ago he proposed, and now you have only arguments
That make you question the wedding. Will it pass?
Fights before the wedding are common. The time that supposed
To be the happiest, becomes full with tenses and fights.
Two months ago you were excited when he proposed.
Two months ago she told you that you are her prince charming, 
And now you have only fights.

Why does it happen? :(

The time before the wedding is very stressful and is like a test. 

Until now everything was calm, fun and parties, but now you need

To cooperate and make this project that proves how much you can 

Support each other, even in hard times.

The wedding organization brings a lot of choices and decisions, 

And so you won't always agree. Sometimes, the parents want to

Decide too, and so, there is no agreement.

Emotionally, after the propose, fears are floating up.

"Did I make the right choice?" "Is he right for me?"

The type of the wedding is a place that arouses many arguments, 

She wants movie like wedding, claims it’s the most important day 

Of her life and she want a big hall, large amount of guests, and the

Dress is like taking out of an Oscar ceremony, while he wants small 

Wedding at his parents yard. He can't understand the point of the 

Expensive things and she cries because he just doesn't understand…

Another thing is the guests. Should you make your dreams come

True ,or consider your parents friends who can't stand Trans music

The religious guests or the grandma who want to bless. The  parents

Aren’t helping when they what you should do, this is your 

.Wedding not theirs 

If this isn’t enough, there is the inside pressure too. 

Yes, he proposed, bur he has a moment of weakness, is he giving up

Of his freedom? 

The idea of being together forever seems very committing.  

People are feeling scared of the fact they are about to be the stars of this

Huge party with many people that part of them they dint know .

Source: kpdreams

 Creating harmony

So what now? First, take a deep breathe, and understand you are

Not the only ones, this time passes and then the real partnership pops. 

Instead of trying to win a fight tries to use it as a chance of shared 

Growth .Its important to step out of the idea of making dreams come 

True ,And realize you are a Team that makes this project Together.

Like a Bo camp for life, 

That you will be better together after. Settling is being a better partner.

Another thing is to stop concentrate on the evening itself and understand 

Its Much more important to get ready for the life after. 

Many couples have the idea thst the wedding will clean the past and will

Be a fresh start where everything is clean and perfect, but the wedding is 

Just a party and it passes and after it you need to stay together. 

Couple therapy is also great. You don’t need to be married for years to 

Go there. A good therapist can help you deal with the stress and use as

A place where you can release the stress, and help you listen better 

To your partner.

Plan your priorities. True, the color of the napkins seems sometimes 

Critical ,But when you measure the importance of design versus the

Importance of Not harming your partner - get some proportions.

Integrity of the family,

For example, or contact with his mother - much more important than the

Party itself which will continue no more than three hours.

Eventually - you should just see in all the preparations the shared

Quality time,Where you can talk calmly and coordinate expectations

Before you Start the Wedding preparation journey. 

As you become more coordinated

In Advance, so that you will be more relaxed and avoid 

Unnecessary fights. Remember:

Wedding is a sacred moment and treated so to your partner ...

You’ve prepared so well. You’ve done so much. Now,
With one week to go, a little careful attention to detail can help
Assure that your wedding will be everything you dreamed of.
So Share us with your methods of relaxation for two....
See you in the next post,