Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fascinators for Unconventional Brides

Who needs a traditional veil when you have so many stylish 
Alternatives to them, right? Plus, the ideas given here can be 
Worn with almost any length of hair.
A gentle reminder to take your hairstylist's opinion before 
Splurging on one of them.
So, pick one that appeals to your personality the most and flaunt it 
Proudly on your wedding day.

What Is A Fascinator?
A fascinator is a head piece, or style of millinery, commonly
Made with feathers, flowers, jewels or beads that attaches to 
The hair by a comb, headband or clip. The word originally
Referred to a head covering similar to a shawl made from wool or lace.
The term had become virtually obsolete by the 1970s.  
In the early part of the 21st century, “fascinators” started to make 
A comeback but the meaning had slightly changed.  The new 
Definition refers to a head decoration that often accompanies mainly 
Formal or party attire but is frequently seen these days paired 
With casual-wear as well.  A fascinator may be worn instead of 
A hat to occasions where hats were once traditionally worn, 
Such as weddings; brides increasingly choose to wear them as 
An alternative to a conventional bridal veil, particularly if their
Gowns or outfits are less fussy or non-traditional.  As an evening 
Accessory it is sometimes referred to as a “cocktail hat”,
Even when it doesn’t fit the standard definition of a “hat”. 
Stylish and fun, a fascinator can be worn on the front, side or,

To showcase an updo or chignon, the back of the head.

Fascinators known mostly to be worn by the English Royal Family.
A fascinator is a hat-like fashion which is attached to either 
A headband or a clip on the top of the head. Unlike a hat, it does
Not cover the entire head.
A fascinator can be an amalgamation of feathers, 
Lace and intricate design.
It is seen as a work of art instead of a piece to warm your head. 

Kate Middleton definitely upped the ante over the last year or so 
With her style. She's been the beginning of quite a few trends and the
Royal Wedding day proved no less satisfying in ogling her fabulous 
Style.The trend is incredibly fun to play with, but bear in mind; it’s 
A lot of fashion! Keep your overall look and outfit simple and sleek.
Play up the fascinator with a simple hair do as well. You don’t want to 
Look costumey ,  rather you want the style to look effortless. 
So the less busy everything about you is, the better it will show 
Off the very prominent hair piece you have on your head!
The modern fascinator continues to be a hot wedding trend for brides. 
For 2015, expect to see brides in short veils (“bouquet-length”), 
Birdcage netting covering part of the face, or feathers and/or floral 

Headbands and hairpins.

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