Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to choose your wedding colors

This week we will choose a color for your wedding.

How to do it? How to match it to the dress,

To the design and to the bridesmaids? 

Here are some important tips…

wedding colors:

So when it comes to choosing colors, most of you probably already
know what you want. However, there are things to consider.
Searching for the perfect wedding colors?
Well, you're in luck because I'm pretty sure I've put together just
About every color palette imaginable. From the bright and bold to
The prettiest of pastels, The Perfect Palette has you covered.
Choosing your wedding colors doesn't have to be super difficult.
You just need to ask yourself a few questions about the sort of mood
You'd like to create. Vibrant colors tend to evoke a sense of drama
Whereas softer colors create more of a romantic feel. And when it
Comes to the season? While it's not a rule that's totally set in stone,
More often than not darker hues tend to work best in the Fall and
Winter whereas the softer shades work best for Spring and Summer.

Something to remember when it comes to color is the 
Importance of the big picture! Does your venue color 
Compete with your potential color palette?
I definitely urge you to really consider your surroundings!
Equally important are the choices you make for your bridal party attire.
Will the colors you're leaning towards be flattering in the form 
Of a bridesmaid dress?

An easy way to find colors for your wedding is to look at pictures
From past real weddings! Inspiration Boards have become a great
Tool for coordinating colors and finding ideas for your big day.
You can make boards that are specific to a certain color, 
Element, or season!

7 Tips for Choosing Your 

Wedding Colours

1. Think about the season. Consider the time of year you will
Be getting married. A hot pink wedding in the middle of winter 
Or gold, red, and orange in the springtime might feel a bit odd. 
Another important reason to consider the season (ha ha, that rhymed!)
Is because not all flowers are available during every season.

. Not to many, not too few!2
Keep it simple and carefully select from two to four colors for your
The only must is that colors match well together.
You can even go with just one main color and decline
It in its different shades.
Don’t forget that using a few colors will make your wedding style 
Smoothier and more pleasant to the eye .

3. Match the Mood

Whether your wedding theme is black-tie, shabby chic or cool and
Casual, your color palette will give your guests a sense of what to
“expect.” Color should be used to match the mood of your wedding.
 For a sweeter romantic feel, try choosing soft colors,
Or get flirty with bright colors that are fun and loud.

4. Keep Your Man in Mind

Ladies, there is no “dream wedding” without the man of your dreams. 
Listen to his opinion on wedding details like the color palette 
And compromise.He must have good taste if he is marrying you...
5. Wedding invitations and stationery

The colors you’ll choose should be reflected in all elements of 
Your wedding. this will make your wedding style clear to
Your guests at a first glimpse.

6. Remember the bridesmaids' dresses.

If you want your bridesmaids decked "head to toe" in your color,
You’ll need to make sure it’s an appealing and flattering shade to wear.
You may need to accept variations in the shades to keep each 
Bridesmaid happy, especially if it's a color that one or more of 
Them are not happy to wear.

7. Get Inspired by Your Bouquet.
When in doubt, look to your favorite flower to establish
color palette. This is a simple way to start narrowing down 
Your color options. For example, if red roses are a must-have, 
You might want to avoid green and white accents for fear of creating
A Christmas vibe. Likewise, if you’re determined to have sunflowers
In your bouquet, pastel bridesmaid dresses probably aren’t going to work.

Was is hard to choose?
What colors are you considering for your big day?
How did you choose your color palette?
We'd love to hear from you!
See you on the next post

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