Sunday, February 1, 2015

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

So you've decided about the dress?
Now the bouquet must match the atmosphere…
You might have thought:
Why would I buy flowers that will wilt in two days?
Why would I pay so much for flowers that will have
Turned yellow by tomorrow?
Why not invest in a bouquet that will accompany us 
Throughout our entire married life?
This week I want to show you alternative bridal bouquets
That can be kept forever.
Here are some of them:
There are many options for alternative bouquets,
If you are not interested in flowers,
You could choose a Brooch bouquet
Or if you like candies, you could choose a candy
Or a marshmallow bouquet…

You could always find a whole word of ideas on the inspiration board on Pinterest:

DIY instructions for a bouquet of satin flowers.
To make the flowers:
Take a 1" wide satin strip.
Measure 1cm from the end and fold over.
Roll a few times so that the flower will have a base.
Start folding around the base. With every revolution our flower gets bigger.
Don’t let go of the flower until you finish the strip or until you reach the desired size.





It is recommended to use hot glue once in a while.
Upon completion, the flowers must be glued with hot glue. 
Then, the flowers can be strung on an iron wire or even on a wooden skewer.
And here we have a homemade bouquet..
Larger flowers require wider Satin strips.
You can add feathers, buttons, beads and what not… good luck ☺.

To summarize, I am in favor of bouquet that can be passed
On to your daughter or even kept as a souvenir.

Peacock Brooch Bouquet By Talila Korolker

What do you think?
Let us know in the comments,
See you on the next post,
Love Talila

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