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To trash your wedding attire or to not Trash the wedding attire?

After Wedding Session...
To trash your wedding attire or to not Trash the
Wedding attire?
That is the question...Regardless of your choice;
Here are some wonderful post-wedding session ideas.

In case you are wondering, a post wedding session usually takes place Within a few days or weeks after the wedding and is an intimate photo Session of the newlyweds.
What is really nice about this session is that you don’t have to worry About getting your wedding clothes dirty or wrinkled if your Photographer wants you to take pictures outside. Since these pictures are Taken within weeks of the wedding, the bride and groom are still in the Honeymoon stage and the emotions come through in the photos from any Good professional wedding photographer.

We are used to see photos of brides and grooms asking obsessively
From the photographer to capture the historical event: 
The first kiss after the ceremony, the cake slicing, the first dance,
The lipstick renew and more. Recently, a new request for this list
Is to picture the couple in the morning after. The massy bed,
Stemming showers and half naked couples are just part of the new 
Wedding albums that shows the "after party" of the wedding. 
The goal is to capture the first night as husband and wife, 
During the act or after. These photos are usually takes place in
Hotels or at the private bedroom.  These pictures are trying to show
The relationship between the couple. The happy moment,
When they realize they are married. One of the brides who made
Such an album tells that all she thought about was to keep the
Memories of this happy moment. There is something fun and naughty
In this kind of photos, but you should keep them as an adventure and
Look at them only in intimacies moments. 
This akbum shouldn’t be on your coffee table.

Another Chance to Get in Your Dress

Most people say that you will only wear your wedding dress once,
But we will prove them wrong. You are your very beautiful when 
You’re wearing your wedding dress, so why not recreate the magic?


Benefits of an After the Wedding Day Photo Shoot:

Wardrobe Changes: 
It lets you take more great pictures in your wedding gown
With the groom in his tux, as well as in your reception and honeymoon clothes.
Go Places:
This second shoot, whether after the honeymoon or the day after the 
Wedding, allows for pictures to Be taken in a wide variety of
Venues – indoors and out – in an art museum or in a forest.
Go to the first place you met, kissed, started dating, etc. 
Make some exciting memories!
Less Stress:
You get all these extra shots and you don’t have to put any extra stress 
On your wedding day schedule. You can even be a little more relaxed 
On your wedding day, knowing that there will be another
Day for taking more pictures.
More Props:
You can choose to use all types of props that you could not use on your
Wedding day. These after wedding photos can be playful and teasing
Or they can be serious and sultry. Of course they can also be both. 
That is the real glory of the after wedding day photos – they can 
Be anything at all that you want them to be. They are not held back
By the formality of the wedding day.

Which idea do you have for the day after?
Would you take pictures in bed or just nice outdoors pictures?
Share and comment.
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