Sunday, January 4, 2015

Destination Wedding...How to plan? Where to start? :(

This week we will talk about planning a destination wedding.
How to plan? Where to start? 
What you should check? What are the costs? 
Stay with us...

Some says if you wish to get marry abroad then do it big.
If you are talking big, then choose the big apple- New York.
There is no cooler city then it. A New York wedding is a real
Experience that can be a part of the honey moon or a trip.
Marriage in New York is conducted by the municipality.
It has many offices and mostly is conducting a marriage Ceremony. 
Even in New York there is some bureaucracy to do: papers you 
Need to fill etc. the whole information you can find it the
New York municipality website.

Another location is Las Vegas, the city of parties and 
Weddings. For many years it was known as the wedding 
City and a lot of TV and theater look alike weddings 
Accrued there. This location suggests a wide selection
Of location for the ceremony, from standard to fancy. 
You can even have a theme wedding with Elvis or the 
Wild West like.  In matters of bureaucracy its easy to 
Get married and you don’t need to prepare almost a thing. 
This is why many couples choose to marry there while 
They are a little drunk and what a surprised waited for
Them in the morning…  
Of course that there are plenty  more locations to marry 
In like Paris, London, Hawaii…
Here is some tips to plan your destination wedding :

7 Tips for planning the perfect
Destination wedding:

Plan well in advance
Especially your airline tickets. Try not to plan a wedding 
During the country’s busiest times of year when tourism
And costs are at their highest, or during national holidays
When people do not want to work and businesses are closed. 
(For Costa Rica, these times are Christmas 
Week through New Year’s, and Holy week.)
Guest List
Start working on your guest list as soon as you decide
To get married. You will need to have a good working number 
To determine location and how much you will need of everything.
Always make sure that both parties double check the list 
And make sure it fits your budget.

Choosing The Right Destination Location
While I’m sure we would all love to get married on
A remote beach in the middle of the South Pacific with
A venue solely dedicated to our endless love and happiness,
Your guests might not be so thrilled with the amount
Of travel time that requires.
Take your guests into account when choosing your destination 
And they will be more than happy to celebrate your wedded bliss.
Between Mother Nature and the unstable world we live in,
You never know what circumstance could arise to put a damper
On your plans. With so much uncertainty, purchasing insurance
Is a good way to protect yourself and your investment.
There are a number of reputable companies selling
Insurance at low cost. 

In planning a destination wedding, it can be very
Stressful and time consuming trying to book all your
Vendors, especially if you are going someplace that you 
Don’t speak the language. Most countries have what 
Are known as tourism offices. They are designed to
Help you with the plans and will give you lists of reputable
Vendors to work with.
Most vendors have websites, which are helpful to see their
Work but it is also great to get references. Hotel concierges are
A great resource as well.
Weather Research
A romantic sunset ceremony on the sandy beaches of an exotic 
Caribbean island can quickly turn sour when a hurricane,
Intent on destroying everything in its path (including your nuptials),
Shows up unannounced. Keep your guests from running 
For cover by strongly considering seasonal weather patterns 
Before booking anything.

Shop for packages
Look for all inclusive destination wedding packages in
That area. To avoid headaches look for a package that helps
You with transportation, marriage licenses, reception venues,
Bridal consultants, accommodations for guests and group
Discounts for guests. Compare prices and inclusiveness,
As well as recommendations, ratings and references.

Which destination would you choose? 
Have you decided on a budget? What will be the theme?
Share us with your ideas. :)

See you on the next post,

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