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Wedding Boutonnieres

This week we will talk about the Boutonniere.
How to wear, how to match it to your res sans how to DIY... 
Stay with me. 

A boutonniere is the male equivalent of the female corsage. 

The boutonniere is usually a collection of one or two small flowers.

 It is always pinned to the left lapel of the tuxedo or suit.

The boutonniere tends to be less expensive then the corsage and they are
Actually one of the simplest floral arrangements to make if one is trying 
To save Money at weddings or proms.
A man’s floral boutonniere may range in price from 10-40 US Dollars (USD),
Depending upon the flowers chosen, and the florist’s mark-up.
Sometimes boutonnieres are included in the price of a large order of 
The groom, groomsmen, ushers, and the fathers of the bride and groom 
Wear boutonnieres at weddings.
 If someone other than the father is escorting the bride down the aisle,
He should also Wear a boutonniere.

How to Wear a Boutonniere

The boutonnière is worn on the left lapel of a men’s suit, sport jacket,

Or blazer jacket; it can also be worn on an overcoat.

The boutonniere is always attached above a man’s heart, and it should be

Worn in the lapel’s button-hole, a 1 to 1.5 inch opening that is a vestige 

Of When a man’s jacket lapels closed to protect his neck.

DIY Boutonniere:

DIY Feather Boutonniere
Step 1: Choose feathers and accent pieces in your colors
Step 2: Gather the pieces and arrange them exactly how you want them 
To look on your boutonniere.
Step 3: Using floral tape . bind your feathers together at the base. 
Be sure they are all secure in the adhesive and will not slip out!
Step 4: You’re done.
Making our own feather and floral pieces was one of the easiest DIY’s 
We chose to do! I highly recommend it and it’s a project that can be done 
Months in advance, which is always nice!


So which Boutonniere would you chose?
Will you DIY or will you buy one?
Which combination did you choose- Flowers, fathers or textile?
Share and comment ...
see you on the next post,
 . Talila

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