Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tattooed Brides

This week we are going to talk about tattoos and brides,
Should they be revealed or covered at your wedding? 
Here's some tips, trends and different ideas.
I think:
Tattoos are who you are. By all means let them show!
Stay with me…

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Many years ago, when I was a girl and wanted a tattoo, 
People told me-"what will you do when you get married? 
A bride with tattoos is not pretty!" In the last years, I am happy
To see that there is more and more brides and grooms that are 
Getting married and showing their colorful sleeves and back tattoos.
After all, you need to be yourself at your wedding, 
And if your aunt has anything to say just smile and walk away.
This is your day, be whoever you want, come as you are and in
What you believe in. here are some beautiful tattoos for inspiration:


 To show or to hide?

For many, tattoos are a way of life.
For others an embarrassing reminder of their youthful folly or
A passing fad.
So when it comes to the wedding, a bride with tattoos will
Have to ask herself The big question:
To show or to hide?
It's normal that you would want to show them off,
They are a natural part Of who you are!
 Find a dress that completely reveals your tats, so everyone can
Appreciate them in the full. If you have a tattoo on your cleavage,
Look for a sweetheart neckline, if you have them on your
Arms a strapless,And if they are on your back,
A halter neck will do. If your tattoo is on
Your leg, then choose a short skirt.

 If you decide to hide your tattoo(s) there are lots of specialist make-ups
That can cover them. They are very thick and cover anything.
For a perfect finish choose one that is the same color as your skin
(remember you may have a spray tan done just before).
After application, dust off with powder for a matte finish.
 Buy the make-up a while before the wedding so you can get lots of practice in.
You could also look for a dress that covers the tattoo.

Henna Tattoo :
Henna has been there for centuries in the Arab World.
Arab women have been using henna to dye their hair and draw
Beautiful patterns on their hands and feet during special occasions.
It looks like the younger generations are getting into the
Henna trend especially at Henna parties and bachelorette parties.
Not all young brides are daring enough to put on permanent tattoos!
Like their wedding date, or matching tattoos with their groom.

Here are a few ideas you might like:
Henna Tattoo Collage


So what do you think?
Will you have a new tattoo for your wedding?
Will you do a temporary one, permanent one or Henna?
Share us, photos will be welcome!

See you on the next post,

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