Sunday, October 5, 2014

Trash the Dress

This time we are going to talk about the "Trash the dress" 
Tradition: ideas,Pictures and explanations.
Stay with us.


Haven’t you felt like burning your wedding dress the day after the
Wedding? "Trash the dress" is a common tradition over the world 
During the last years,Which the new couple trash the wedding dress and 
Captures the whole thing in photos.

The long weeks of all the arrangements and stress before the wedding can
 Make The new couple go crazy. 
So, instead of taking it out on each other  and set the 
World record on the fastest divorce, why not taking it all out on the 
Dress? Why won't you wallow in mud or paint with it or,
Bath in the sea or the pool or role 
Down in grass while wearing it, what will make it more green 
The white…
Are you shocked? Calm down. I don’t suggest you to do this before 
The wedding,But after it. TTD is an international tradition.
According to it the new couple trashes the brides dress in the days after 

The Wedding And capturing it all. The photographers are following the

Whole thing, and usually They are the same photographers who
Were at the wedding.
The photographers take this very seriously; like a real work of art. 
It's important to mention that not everybody is amused by this deed. 
There are many of opponents for this tradition and even thinks 

That it's like Cheapening the marriage institution. 
For my opinion, it’s a very nice tradition that 
Makes the couple closer and produces very sexy photos.   
This is why I've collected a few photos from the TTD world:

So what do you  think of this trend?
Would you trash your dress or would you rather 
Avoid these photo shoot?
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