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How to Get Your Groom Involved in Wedding Planning?

Are you feeling alone planning your wedding? Do you mostly consult with yourself?
 Is your groom is a groomzilla?
Here are some tips and advices for involving your groom in the 
Wedding plans.


9 Ways To Get Your Groom Involved In Your Wedding Planning
In my experience, it's actually quite rare that the groom is interested in anything having to do with the wedding planning aside from where he is supposed to be and when he is supposed to be there... Oh and how much it's going to cost. Yup! That's usually when the grooms get involved... 
 Keep It Fun
Don’t forget that you should be enjoying your wedding planning. Now that you have your groom involved you have another reason to savour every moment, you want to remember the good times you spent together planning this special day!
Whether you are buying or hiring, “shopping” should happen as early as possible, trying on suits to compare the cuts, colors and styles. Staffs at Peppers Formal Wear are trained to help not only with the fit, but the style as well; this is a trip that can be undertaken with the best man as well.

Tell Him
Many grooms seem to simply presume that their brides want to take care of pretty much all of the planning and for them just to arrive on the day. Tell him you want him to be involved! He will then feel wanted in the process, or ready to run the opposite direction…
Reception Music
Some guys don’t like to sing, but they all love to voice their opinions about music.  So get his help in choosing a band or DJ, as well as the songs you want to hear (and not hear!) on your wedding day.

Let him plan the honeymoon

Let’s face it, every detail, to the minutest of elements, of the big day will have been created, decided, and arranged by you. It will be just as you’ve been imagining it. So allow him to take control of the honeymoon. Of course you’ll want to keep tabs on flight times, your packing list, and travel documents, but trust him to plan something wonderful and be proud of him when he does.

Provide booze

Whenever you want to sit down and have a serious and lengthy conversation about anything wedding-related, make sure he is relaxed and happy. Take him to the pub or go for a stroll. And if the carrot doesn’t work, use a stick!

 DIY Tasks
Planning a DIY wedding? Well then you will certainly need your groom by your side! Make your groom feels needed, you know how they love a little ego boost! This style wedding is a great way for you both to work together in creating your special day.

The wedding car
It might be sexist to suggest that the groom will be more interested in the

Wedding transport than the bride, but arranging the wedding car 

Is usually the groom's Responsibility.

Whether he has his heart set on a sports car or a classic, 

He should just be sure it fits with the overall theme of your wedding, 

And that you will be able to get into it in your wedding gown.

Meet with vendors together
While you want to involve close friends and family -- especially if they're paying -- be aware of the effect they can have on you and your budget. If you and your mom or maid of honor tend to feed off each other's excitement, it can be helpful to have someone to stall the resulting runaway train. (If only the groom could be there to steer you toward a cheap wedding dress.) Even when it's just the two of you, help each other resist the up sell.

 Hopefully this start will give him the motivation to get more involved with the wedding planning…

So what about you?
Are you a Groomzilla?
Share,comment and tell who you deal with the wedding preparation...
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Colors of love :Mixed couples

This week we will talk about mixed couples.
The difficulties, the trends and the family that surrounds you…

True Love Has No Color 

Interracial marriages have a hard go at it.  They suffer not only from the prejudice of others, but also from inherent problems of differences between their respective cultures which combine with those already present in a marriage.  Ethnic groups bring variety and richness to a society by introducing their own ideas and customs.  Interracial marriages introduce such variety.  In a perfect world, everyone should celebrate this.  However, the world does not look at all marriages as love between two people without regard to their race.
Love and affection is the most important factor why people are engaged to marry particularly outside their racial boundaries. This is the feelings that see no boundaries no matter what. Love is a powerful weapon and this can be a tool to eradicate bad things and conquer everything at the same time, it can also ruin one’s life if people misunderstood.
Marriage Preparation
Good-quality marriage preparation is essential in helping couples work through the questions and challenges that will arise after they tie the knot.
Of all the challenges an interfaith couple will face, the most pressing one likely will be the question of how they raise their children.
Don't be afraid to create a hybrid ceremony based on your values.
Marriage equality will be the norm, and love will prevail in positive ways.
 “I believe in recognizing every human being as a human being--neither white, black, Brown, or red; and when you are dealing with humanity as a family there's no question of integration or intermarriage. It's just one human being marrying another human being or one human being living around and with another human being.” 
Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X

According to" New Family", 58 percent of Israeli families have both a father 
And a mother who are Jewish. 12 percent are not Jewish, 
10 percent are interfaith marriages and the rest are single-parent families, 
Unwed couples, couples who married in a civil service, 
Foreign workers and same-sex couples.
So you already know I'm from Israel, and here it is like ingathering of the exiles. 
A Russian marries an Ethiopian girl, a Jewish girl with Arab guy, 
Polish with Moroccan and etc., a huge mix of traditions and cultures.
My mother is Turkish and my father is Iraqi. My husband's parents are both from India.
So, we already have 3 cultures in our family. 
Our kids are mixed and have a little from each one. 
We don’t have a certain food that controls in our house, neither as traditions.
We are not believers. In our wedding, there weren't any cultures characteristics, 
Besides my husband's mother who were a sari. 
We raise our kids in a country where everybody is different and that has a lot 
Of religions and cultures, but all has the same ambition I hope- peace,
Health livelihood and love.     

So what do you think? Are you a mixed couple as well?
Share and comment.
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