Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wedding Guests - Who to Invite, How To Decide

This week we will talk about the guests list.
Should you invite dad's friends from work? The store's messenger? 
Or deciding on short and valuable list of the closest ones?
Stay with me it will be interesting…  

To clarify the obvious here: I'm NOT suggesting you contact people to 
Tell them they're not invited.
If someone asks you if they're invited, there are ways you can tell them 
That you love them, you 
SO appreciate their interest, but no, they're not invited. 
You can always use these reasons:
Blame it on your ridiculously small budget, tell to your guests that the wedding is small 
And only for family,
Say your location is too small and can contain only family or you hadn’t Close the list.
Always remember that the uninvited guests will be offended but out of Love, 
Because they really are happy for you, be sensitive while telling them They're not invited. 

People You Should Not Invite to Your Wedding:
Unless your ex is your best friend and your partner has no qualms whatsoever about your close relationship, there is absolutely no reason to invite former lovers to your wedding.
Your Boss:
Although it may seem awkward not to invite your boss, it may be even more awkward to invite him or her, especially if no one else from work is on your guest list. While etiquette once dictated that your boss was a must-invite, I say it depends on your office culture, the size of your team, and how comfortable you feel around your boss in general. Your wedding is intimate, no matter how many guests you have, and you want to feel at ease.
Colleagues of Parents:
While you may make it a point to not have strangers at your wedding, there is a likelihood that your parents or your fiancé's parents may want to include some people, like their colleagues, to the guest list. Well, it is a dilemma which many couples face. The workaround for this is to analyze how important these guests are to your parents. Are they really that close, or have your parents put their names on the guest list just on a whim.
Distant relatives
You don’t have to invite the father's aunt from the mother's side. If you don’t know her, she might herd your name once and she probably has Dementia for a long time. There is no need- she won't remember you got married this year…

Creating a guest list is notoriously one of the most fraught parts of the wedding planning process. 
Good luck :)

Wedding Guest List

When me and my husband got married, both of our parents asked us 
To keep some invitations aside, so they will be able to invite their friends.
Of course they’ve invited people I have never seen before, 
And so does my husband, people who never knew 
I was exist before, but they came… today, while looking back, 
I wouldn’t invite anyone but family and some friends, 
Something small with a lot of meaning, because in the end, 
You want to remember who was with you in this day, 
And not the cousin's uncle who got drunk and puked on the dance floor. 
So, seat together and think who you want to invite, 
And don’t get to excited of cutting people of, it will pass.

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