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How To Pick your wedding Date?

So if you’ve already asked the big question and got the
Answer you wanted to hear, 
Now it’s the time to set a date. 
here are some ideas and options…

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Whatever date you'll choose, don’t make it an iconic date, such as 
1.11.11, 1.4.14, 12.12.12 etc. those dates will cost a lot more, even
 Double than you would pay on a regular day! Choose a date that has Meaning for you.
 If you still haven't chose a topic for your wedding or a color, 
Maybe you should choose them by the season you are getting married in Or by your favorite one. 
Anyway, try setting a date not more than half a year since the proposal. 
Wedding plans takes time, dress fitting, flowers, tattoos and etc. it all Takes time, 
Budjet and planning. 

Tips for how to choose a date:
Eliminating all of the days it can't be. Super Bowl Sunday,

Daylight Savings. Then ask are your friend:

Are you a bridesmaid in another wedding? 

You probably don’t want to pick the same month, 

Especially if that bride is in your wedding party too, you will probably

Want to avoid picking those times too...

Consider what day you want your wedding to occur on. 
Sundays are usually less expensive than Saturdays. Is having a 
Saturday wedding so important that you're willing to pay more? 
The decision is yours, but be prepared for the cost implications.
Also consider what day of the week will be most convenient for your guests.
Will a lot of people need to travel to attend your wedding? 
If so, a Saturday wedding may be best so guests can arrive on 
Friday and fly or drive home on Sunday, if they desire.

Your date maybe dependent on the availability of the photographer, 
Especially if he/she is the only one you want photographing your wedding.
Any available dates your wedding date may be dictated by your caterer or wedding hall. 
If you have a particular venue in mind, you may be limited by their availability.
 This is a concession you will need to make if your heart is set on this particular location.

When me and my husband decided to get married, we knew immediately 
Which date to choose- the date of our first date. 
This date was so meaningful to us and its still unforgettable, 
And I'm talking about the date… on our first date we felt so connected, 
We held hands and talked all the night long… we listened to music and It felt 
Like we know each others for years. And so, right after 
I proposed we knew that we only had three months to plan a wedding…
The wedding itself wasn’t as important as the closer, this date will be ours for life… 
So, I suggest –when you look for a date, follow your heart. 

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