Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wedding Nails

This week we will talk about nails, the trends and decoration for your big day…

5 Tips for Perfect Wedding Nails:

1.Leading up to the wedding, you want your nails to be in top condition.
 Applying a cuticle oil or cream every night before bed will help 
Them stay soft and hydrated.

2. Decide what colour and shape you want for your big day. If you are getting your nails done professionally, get the same manicurist to do your nails in the same way a few weeks before the wedding, so you are both on the same page beforehand and there are no surprises on the big day.

3. Apply treatment products as directed, and give yourself weekly manicures, to keep your nails groomed and in good condition.

4. To jazz up your French manicure, you can add some strategically placed diamantes or glitter lacquer like Nubar’s Shimmering Tulle to your nails….just take care not to overdo it .

5. Apply nail strengthener before and after your color coats, and even under your nails. If you are thinking about getting a set of artificial nails for your event, test them out early and know the difference between acrylic, silk and gel wraps and what looks best on your hands.

5 Nail Trends for your special day: 

There are a billion nail trends to choose from for your big day. 
From matte finish manicure to glamorous glitter tips; it’s easy to see how a bride 
Can get lost in her quest for the perfect wedding nail look. 
In the hopes of steering you towards your own personal bridal nail nirvana, 
We put together a list of our top 5 nail trends for your special day!

: Darker Shades
You can’t beat a red nail! This vintage inspired style can look seriously cool against a gorgeous white gown. But you don’t have to stop there. Darker shades can work really well in the winter months whether you opt for plumy or berry tones or embrace the darker spectrum of the colour wheel with greys, silver and charcoal black. Or if you want to just nod to this particular palette, a subtle pop of black on the tips of the nail can look effective too.


2. Lovely Lace:

 Does any manicure screams bridal more than a lace nail look? 

3. Nude &gold glitter nails:
Instead of painting the French tip on your nails, add a thin stripe over nude nails to give a “tipped” look. Choose a nude lacquer with a matte finish to give a more opaque tone , add your stripes with nail stripe stickers and cover with a couple coats of topcoat polish. To add more gold accents, highlight your ring finger with cascading gold glitter polish.

.The great things about these soft shades are they add a hint of color to the nail without drowning it
 If you want to opt for more than one color, the gradient trend is an easy way to work it,
.Using several tones to .create a bit of depth 

5. 3D Nail Art:

 There are various additional elements that you can try in wedding nail art for 
Enhancing your sweet and nice look. The best option is the use of beads or 
Stones on your nails for making your nails look gorgeous and beautiful.

Which manicure will you choose for your big day?
Natural or gorgeous pastel?
Share, comment and send us your pictures!
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jenny & Brent

Jenny & Brent Lloyd  Wedding Day:
Beautiful Jen, wearing my jewelry on her wedding day.
Congratulations Jen and Brent. 
Lots of greetings and hugs.
And thank you for sharing the pictures. 

Jen is wearing a pearl necklace in shades of green,
Pearl earrings with green Swarovski.
And hair comb with green velvet and Swarovski crystals.
All the accessories you can get in my shop:

I wish you both  happy marriage with lots of love,
Thank you for sharing the pictures. 
Talila .

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wedding Budget

This week we will talk about the wedding budget, how to decide on it, 
What to choose and how to deal with it? Stay with me...

Isn’t the first thing in planning a wedding is that you want to
Choose your dress?
So don’t. First, you need to decide on your budget limit.
Take a night off to think and calculate. 
Sure, this isn’t the most exciting thing to
Do but you have to do it unless you want to suffer from sleepless nights.
The budget should include every source you have before the event,
Even your parents if needed. Don’t rely on the guests gifts.
In most of the cases they don’t cover the events costs.
Don’t forget to consider even the small expenses
Such the hall design and sound.
Remember not to pay all the price at once in advance.
It is customary to give a small
Sum of money before the event, a few percent from the whole price.
Decide on when you want to marry and try to find a specific month, Season and even dates. 

Deciding on the type of wedding you want should be your first step,
How many people, open bar, elaborate vs. simple, etc.
Once that is decided then you need to figure out a budget,
A number that you are
Willing to spend on your wedding and match the type
Of wedding you want to through.

Don't let others run your event. This way it won't be successful 
And cost effective. 
Minimize the number of guests, most of them you won't see after 
Your wedding.try to make some things by yourself! there
  Are a lots of DIT tutorial
...Web for bouquet,veils,wedding favors and more
.Start looking for a place and a dress as soon as possible
Stick to your budget.
Set a date as soon as you can and don’t go with the expensive ones.
Make a market search for everything, even in faraway places
Check if the catering price is different for the amount of guests.
Alcohol- buy it yourself!. 
The left overs you can keep for future events.
Don’t let the suppliers set your budget 
But tell them what is your budget.

WeddingBudget Calculator:

This wedding budget calculator is designed to help the bride-to-be budget all aspects of her wedding.

You don’t have to rub a bank to have an amazing wedding. 
Heres some tips for saving costs:
Buy a dress on eBay or ETSY or any place on the web.
Cut the guest list, of course you want to celebrate and 
Show your love, but wedding is an intimate thing and not everybody
You know should be in it. Invite your family and close friends.
Try to save on the cake costs. You can make your own or with 
The help or the mothers or the bridesmaids. 
Decide whether you want a buffet or not.
Make your own playlist, edit , and let a music student to be in charge
Of the music. He will be much cheaper than a Dj and 
Might even do it better… 
Forget about the "save the date" cards. 
If the wedding is near the invitation will be enough.
But never ever under no circumstances give up on a professional
Photographer with lots of experience. 
In the end, all you will have left is the photos.

So congratulations for your engagement... :)
I would you to share and comment.
See you on the next post,

: My Pinterest Wedding budget board


I don't own all the pictures on this blog. If you own the copyright to any of the pictures and want them removed or credited, please let me know. Thanks.