Sunday, April 20, 2014

Unconventional Bridal Makeup

Is your wedding coming closer and you still haven’t decided on your make up?
Would it be natural with a little twist or heavy?
I'm here to give you some ideas :

How not to overdo your makeup:

When you decide on your dress, the general image of you in it, with your hair fixed is passing in your mind Immediacy. Then you match the make up to your look. It is all about the dress... The moment you decide on color: red, black or white, with matching accessories such a black wide belt and etc. you can decide if darker make up or natural with dark elements will suite you the best. 

Heres some tips for unconventional make up

For your wedding say:

Whitening Your Face:

For unconventional makeup you have to start off with whitening your face .For which, you can use pale or ivory foundation. This will give you a pale and vampire effect. However if your skin color is dark then you have to make sure that you do not excessively color your face white.


The next step in unconventional makeup is to move towards your cheeks. Here it is to be noticed that the proper unconventional  look does not have cheek color or blush on however if you wish to give yourself a dead and sunken look then you can put on some dark powder on your cheeks. However, if you are dressing as a soft Goth then a light and sensual blush on would be perfect.

The Eyes:

Eyes are those parts of the face which can enhance your look to a great extent. Hence a perfect Gothic makeup requires heavy and tactfully done eyes with great care and attention. The key element of Gothic makeup is a thick eye liner as it gives you a mysterious and sullen look. You can make artistic shapes with the eye liner yet ensure that it is thick. In case you feel your hands shake while application only then go for the best quality pencil eye liner otherwise liquid ones is the most appropriate ones.

You're Lips:

Moving to your lips you must have come across the use of bright red lipstick in the Gothic makeup which is appropriate. However at times if you feel that all of the women in the party you are about to attend will be wearing it then it is advisable to not mix in the mob and wear something unique and different. Select a different shade of lipstick. Usually light or soft shades of pink go with heavy and smoky eyes. 

Complementary Accessories:
You can make a tattoo or use a temporarily one.
Today there are a lot of amazing possibilities online.
You can always do a make-up tattoos (that comes off after a day) 
With lots of colors and options. You can match your own short veil, 
With feathers that will match your dress and add a black collar or black gloves.

So what do you think?
Which color will you apply on your lips?
Which shade will you apply on your eyes?
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