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Bikers wedding

This week we will talk about bikers wedding, what to wear' trends and Of course, 
The motorcycles… stay with me.

Before I met my husband I used to ride a Java 350 cc motorcycle.
I even gave it a name- "yaffa"( Beauty).
I changed it colors to neon and cleaning it every
Saturday was like a party to me…
Riding it was like freedom and happiness combined.
I really loved it and riding it was like a new way of life.
When I met my husband I didn’t thought about a trio
Wedding so we got there with a car...
Today, posteriori, I wouldn’t think twice and
I'm sure that I will take my partner and ride together
All the way to the wedding.  

Here's a photo of me with my old best friend:

A great collection of items for bikers wedding:


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The ceremony:

The typical bikers wedding ceremony will have bikes lined up on two
Sides to form an aisle for the bride and her bridesmaids to walk down.
As the bride passes, each biker turns on the engine of his/her motorcycle 
With all of them making noise when she reaches the front. 
A signal is usually given to shut the bikes at once, or they can be shut 
Down one at a time.
The bride and groom will write their own vows or with the help from Their wedding 
Efficient, who is most likely a biker himself. 
Once the bikers are pronounced husband and wife, the motorcycles will Turn on again as the bride and Groom walk up the aisle together.
And then the party starts…;)

:The Wedding dress
Deciding on the dress you want to wear is the first step in deciding the
.Rest of the wedding details
! Everything lines up around the dress
Many women who choose to have a biker wedding choose to have a full
.Out wedding dress - long train with a veil and everything
, If you are the type who wants to feel like a princess at her wedding
,Go ahead and get the dress of your dreams! You'll have to think about The usual things
.Such as the price of the gown and the number of times you'll wear it
 ,Only you can decide just how much you should spend. But if you're Going for a full gown
You'll need to think through some details. How are you going to ride
?Safely in the dress
?How are you going to keep the dress clean while you're riding
, It's all personal choice
But many women choose to wear a slinky gown so there is not so much Material to
. Worry about while riding
. Slits up the sides make it easy to get on and off the bike

But first, think together how big will the motorcycle 
part in your wedding will be
Do you want to arrive to the church on a bike, or maybe to the Reception? 
Are you going to ride off into the sunset together at the end of the Wedding on a bike? 
Once you begin to make those decisions, you can start to think about How 
The pieces will come together. 

Motorcycle Wedding Favors:

There are many different types of biker wedding favors,
From traditional wedding favors with a motorcycle theme to
Motorcycle-specific trinkets guests can enjoy.

To sum up:
What do you say? 
Will you ride a bike to your wedding? 
I know I would without a doubt.
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