Sunday, March 30, 2014

Unconventional Veils

This week we are going to talk about unconventional veils.  There will be A Collection of veils that I have gathered for you, a collection with a lot Of style and a unique saying for the brides who dare to show up for their Wedding as they are, without the need to be like everybody else. A bride With a twist! 

You are welcome to get some inspiration and guidance of who to make a Veil...  

 Warm recommendations of wedding veils designers from Etsy. :)

Are you getting married soon, already have a gorgeous dress but You are Still not sure about the veil? Do you Want to be unique with your own Personal saying? How about Venturing? have you thought about a red Veil? Or maybe you can shock your guests by wearing a black veil And Red fathers, or maybe bridal birdcage veil?
 I have gathered for you the 10th most beautiful veils that will inspire You

1.This birdcage veil was very popular In Hollywood of the 40s and lately,
This vintage style is back. Look at all the princesses that decorate their Hair with short and colorful veils Regardless to a wedding, even just for A Saturday night hangout.  

2. This veil is made from tulle of Birdcage, and two beautiful black birds with little branches. You can find This veil on ETSY in : MadameMerrywidow. You can also find a beautiful variety of veils and hair Accessories. 

3.This red veil is quite simple, bit has a lot of presence. 
It looks like a regular, conservative veil, but the color makes all the Different.  

4.Another veil you can make on your own is the one made
 Of tulle that’s attached to a little comb with  Flowers and lace. 
This veil isn’t covering the face but has a lot of presence.

5 . An interesting veil is the black one with a green flower. 
You can make this one also by yourself, according to the explanations. 
It is a beautiful and unique veil that can show your green eyes.

6 . Here is another unique veil you can make on your own: 
A black birdcage veil with red fathers on the side.
This veil ia a great match for gothic weddings.

7 .This red veil is comined with red horns. 
I beieve that words arent neccesry.. 
I wonder what your mother will say about it..
You can find it on this lovely store at ETSY
There are a lot of unique accessories from the fantasy world there. 
You should check it out.

8 .A unique veil with a lot of saying that will show how unconventional You are :

9 .This white veil is very interesting and unique.
 It is quite long regarding the ones we have reviewed. 
Even though its white, it's made out of birdcage and has white fabric Flowers 
Combined from the bottom up to the side of the face. 
It is a very interesting look. 

10.The last one is my favorite, a birdcage veil combined with black and 
Purple fathers and black jewelries. 
Its suitable for gothic wedding, and will look amazing on a bride in a White
Dress with black decorations and 
Black jewelries for the perfect look.
You can find it on this lovely store on ETSY:

What do you think? Which veil is your style?
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