Sunday, March 16, 2014

Unconventional Hair Design

The Gothic style uses medieval and Victorian themes in clothing, 
Makeup and hairstyles for an artistic fashion. Gothic nails and hairstyles
Are the Romantic choice for weddings. The hues for Gothic fashion are 
Usually dark ,But you can use hints of colors, mostly silver, 
To accent your hair and nails.
Women and men can celebrate the special day with the varied 
And exotic clothes,Makeup, and hairstyles that Gothic fashion offers.

Gothic hairstyles in the 80s were big and had more height as well. 
The Gothics were known for dyeing their hair black or use bizarre Shades of red and purple.
One can see that their hairstyles have a kind of romanticism and are Striking at the same time. 
Mysterious to some, these hairstyles need a lot of crimping and Curling To Get the right effect. 
There are two basics followed for Gothic hairstyles, but generally, the Hair is puffed up
And piled on the head or it can incline towards the punk look. 
These hairstyles therefore suit women with petite features. 
Big hairdos were considered romantic when worn with corsets. 
For this, one needs to use a lot of backcombing methods to keep The hair In an upright fashion. 
The beauty about Gothic hairstyles is such that they are wild and Wacky But gorgeous at times. 

There are variations on the theme of long Gothic hair,
Such as wavy tresses fully dyed with blue, green, vivid red, purple, 
Green, orange or pink color or hair streaks in natural or dyed black hair. 
Use hair extensions if you don't Have long hair.
Plaiting and pinning your long hair in a crown on the top of your head 
Provides a medieval look. Use a floral wreath of dark flowers or roses 
Dyed Black to add a feminine touch to the gown.

You can decorate your hair with a little black veil, 
Or a short veil that covers only the eye and decorated
With a red or black flower.
Soon there will be a DIY Tutorial.

So what do you think? Which hair design would you choose?
Would you dye your hair purple, black or red? 
Or maybe shave one side? Would you gather some of your 
Hair up and round the rest? Please share and comment.
See you on the next post, 

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