Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gothic wedding -Reception Tables

To pull off a gothic wedding, you should think of it as a theater.
It depends on you to set the stage for a grand evening of fantasy 
And phantasmagoria. Rather than traditional round tables, go for 
The high drama of banquet-style seating. If you want to really wow
Your guests, choose centerpieces of antique candelabras, 
Or Feature individual pillar candles and put them on the tables. 
Keep things ornate. Slick, black chivalry Chairs, gold-rimmed 
Chargers and goblets, and even a black skull-shaped Candles. 
Those are just a few ideas. For ultimate gothic-chic style, decorate 
The  tables with peacock and pheasant feathers, real ostrich eggs, 
And other slightly macabre, and natural history-esque curiosities.

Here are some ideas for Gothic table design, 
And the centerpiece:


The design for your guest tables is more than just the centerpiece. 
It is an important part of your overall decor plan. 
Knowing the details will ensure your tables include all the items
Your guests will need in addition to the lovely decor you have chosen.

Centerpieces are not just about flowers anymore! 
DIY centerpieces for weddings and other events are a growing trend. 
People are using collections, vintage items, hobbies and more in a 
Showcase as table centerpieces. This will look like a truly unique Display, 
Which is also eco friendly (reusing) and allows you to personalize your Event.

To spare your wedding costs, you should make your own centerpieces.
There are a lot of DIY ideas! 
You can purchase items from cheap stores and design them yourself, 
Do a little painting, decorate, and there you have it, your own decorated centerpiece. 
On my pinterest board, you can find some inspiring ideas!
Good luck!

So what do you think? 
Do you have any gothic tables design ideas for your wedding? 
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