Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gothic Wedding Ceremony

This week we will talk about the gothic wedding ceremony,
What you should know, and what is different about it?
What is it all means? We will soon find out..

The Goth movement is an offshoot of the punk rock movement of the 
 Its philosophy is too complex to be enumerated here, but the main tenet 
Is the rejection of mainstream belief and values. Goths style themselves  
As free thinkers, 
Unafraid to delve into taboo subjects such as magic, mysticism and the 
Darker side of life. Following this line of thought, a gothic 
Wedding ceremony is a rejection of traditional wedding practice 
And the relationship that it implies. Goths prefer to define relationships 
And values in their own way.

A fully traditional gothic wedding ceremony can incorporate elements 
Of mysticism and ancient Druidic practice. Some choose to keep 
Wedding tradition intact, while incorporating the darker color scheme
 And dramatic feel of a gothic wedding ceremony. The question you 
Need to ask yourself is whether you want to affirm a philosophy or
Simply create a look.

The Look of a Gothic Wedding Ceremony

Choose an appropriate wedding venue for your celebration. Look for venues with an older feel that invoke a sense of drama. Think burgundy velvet chairs, fireplaces, high arches and oak paneling. Of course, be sure to inquire about the venue's regulations regarding adding additional decoration to the existing set-up. You may need to add some gothic touches here and there to enhance the atmosphere.

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So what do you think? What will be in your gothic ceremony? 
Which ideas did you get? I would love if you share us here... 

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