Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wedding Songs

Some couples have a song they call their own as it reminds them of
.A happy Memory or describes them perfectly
Our first Dance was:

1. Lenny Kravitz- Stand by My Woman

2. Big Log - Robert Plant

3. Cars-drive

I know this songs are not usual happy weddings love songs, But they remind us the time we fell in love, and forever will stay this way..
In Israelis weddings there are a lot of "Mizrahit", which is Oriental music, but even though it is not our style, we had to put some because it made our guests dancing. We felt like it is not in our control, since the Israelis dint have a good taste in music. This style is a lot like Arabic music, unromantic with beneath contempt words. But who can remember?..
What would you like to play as your first dance? Or which song you had as your first dance?
I would like you to share and comment. 

So I'll see you on the next post,