Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gothic Wedding Cake Ideas:

This week we will talk about gothic wedding cake, what color? What frosting? Which design?
 Heres some ideas:

When you are having a Gothic wedding, you will need a wedding cake that has the same theme. There are many stunning Gothic wedding cakes. A rich red velvet cake or dark chocolate cakes with royal chocolate icing are some great Gothic wedding cake idea. You can even choose a white fondant cake which is decorated with black currants and red strawberries and cherries. A red wedding cake or a purple colored wedding cake with crystallized flower petals on top will look simple stunning for a Gothic wedding.

Today the gothic wedding cake design is full of creativeness and beauty. There is much care of the design and the amazing frosts. Hope you will get some inspiration for your wedding cake..

Which design did you chose? Which frosting? What would you put on top of the cake?
Would love you to share and comment here.

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Talila .

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wedding Ring Tattoos

So what do you think about a tattoo as a wedding ring?
Are you open to this idea?
Sounds a bit crazy isn’t it?

Let's check some ideas for the tattoo, and there's some photos too..

So theres some things that need to be considered before doing a tattoo- and Don’t forget, it won't come off…
Consider the fact you need to keep the tattooed finger for two weeks, don’t Get it wet, don’t expose it to the sun, you wont be able to get in the pool or The Sea at your honey moon, don’t scratch it and don’t use any unfamiliar Creams. The fingers skin is very thin, the back of the finger can't absorb the Ink, and so, you will see couples tattooing the front and center, and not the Sides of the finger. To avoid mistakes, choose black and a simple, Uncomplicated tattoo. Choose your regular place, where you know how it Works and trust it.
And remember, tattoo may be removed, but with the price of a scar. Try With Henna first, just to check and experience, and to decide whether you Like it or not. So let's check some tattoo rings:

Have you ever thought that you can do wedding tattoo instead of jewelry Rings? Advantages are evident. First of all it will be unique symbols of you And your beloved one. Also it’s impossible to take off such kind of ring. Indeed why should you withdraw it?

So what do you think? Would you choose a tattoo as a wedding Ring?
Would love you to share and comment,
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wedding Songs

Some couples have a song they call their own as it reminds them of
.A happy Memory or describes them perfectly
Our first Dance was:

1. Lenny Kravitz- Stand by My Woman

2. Big Log - Robert Plant

3. Cars-drive

I know this songs are not usual happy weddings love songs, But they remind us the time we fell in love, and forever will stay this way..
In Israelis weddings there are a lot of "Mizrahit", which is Oriental music, but even though it is not our style, we had to put some because it made our guests dancing. We felt like it is not in our control, since the Israelis dint have a good taste in music. This style is a lot like Arabic music, unromantic with beneath contempt words. But who can remember?..
What would you like to play as your first dance? Or which song you had as your first dance?
I would like you to share and comment. 

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gothic Wedding Bouquet

If you are a gothic bride and looking for unique wedding flowers or a hand bouquets, Calla lilies have a special meaning to you and are beautiful in bridal bouquets. 
Calla lilies also come in a black variety called the Black Schwarz alder.

Each person has her own favorite flowers. The deep red Amaranthus, known as Love Lies Bleeding also can be a unique option for Gothic wedding bouquets. It looks particularly beautiful for wedding flowers when combined with white roses.

Another dark wedding flowers which will perfect fit for your Victorian Gothic wedding dresses is the Black Roses. Black roses (roses of black color) do not exist in nature as such, but nevertheless they are often featured in fiction with many different meanings.

 Which flower combination would you choose for your bouquet?
  Black calla or black roses?
...Share with us, waiting for your comments

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