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Merry christmas and Happy New Year 2015 ♥

I wish to all our customers Merry christmas and
Happy New Year...
Year of creativity, passion and love.
Year of fulfillment, and growth. :)

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

8 Reasons to get married during the Winter season

Winter wedding is very romantic.
 Here are some reasons why you should marry during this season:


Its more cheap

The benefit of a winter wedding is the price. The price is very low, 
Because of demand and supply aspects. There are less weddings 
During winter and so, the halls will lower their prices and will show
You the advantages of winter romantic wedding.
But first, winter weddings are more pleasant both for the couple and 
The guests. Mosquitoes? Sweat? Smeared makeup? 
You can forget about it. Besides, your guests won't get upset if you 
Decide to extend the ceremony because they won't suffer from the 
Exhausting heat of the summer.

When it's cold outside, inside is warm
The cold weather of winter won't hold down the nice and warm feeling
When everybody meets in one place. The situation when its rainy outside
And warm inside, looking on rain drops, cuddle and feel loved is much More.

You can choose any date

Because of the minor number of weddings, its less difficult to get your

Wanted date. You can choose your date and you won't need to settle.

Saturday and Sunday are requested during the summer but in winter 

They might still be available.


Great opportunity to get out

The weather and rain changes the mood and makes people to stay home.

A wedding will make them get out, rainy or not, and meet friends and


The blooming season

There are a lot of winter flowers.

You can design your wedding with the season's flowers and colors, 

Such as fierce pink, red, green and brown. 

These colors gives intimate feeling and beauty and goes best when its

Rainy. there are flowers such peonies , tulips , anemones and more

Gorgeous flowers that you can't enjoyin summer.

Nondescript romance

The thought of a winter wedding may make you think you won't be

Able to be photographed, but think about the romantic elements such

Umbrella, gray sky or rain drops. If there will be rain on the wedding

Day, you can shoot in close places such

Museums and galleries.

Warm dishes

There are many dishes you won't see during summer, such as soups,

Hot fried dishes that will give the guests nice and warm feeling.

Share and tell ,
?Which season did you got married on
?What tips do you have
See you on the next post
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Talila .

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Backyard Wedding Bash

So you've decided to have a backyard bash 
For your wedding venue. 
This of course doesn't mean you have to have 
A bar-b-que , lots of couples have transformed 
Plain yards into a gorgeous venue. 
Here are some design tips…

How to host a wedding in your own backyard

Exchanging vows in your own backyard can be overwhelming,
But it can also be quite rewarding. Tying the knot close to home
Is a reflection of the couple's willingness to be creative and to
keep their big day personal. It also allows the bride and groom the
Opportunity to customize details regarding décor and food that may
Not be possible with a public venue. And while homegrown weddings
May not have as many restrictions and rules as say, a hotel or hall,
There is still a lot of planning, negotiating, and measuring to do,
Not to mention, making a high-stakes deal with Mother Nature.

In general, outdoor weddings are a fabulous way
To showcase nature's beauty. 
When working with your florist, consider seasonal 
Flowers and accents that complement what is 
Already growing in the yard.
Let nature work its magic to inspire you, 
And help beautify the event. Maybe your yard 
Already has natural elements that can add to the décor,
Such as using tree stumps as chairs, 
Or draping luscious fabric between two trees to
Create a backdrop for the ceremony location.
Whatever you decide, take advantage of the space's
Natural elements to build up the event's décor and theme.

There will always be detail upon detail to consider 
When planning a wedding, let alone a backyard wedding.
Hiring a wedding planner to guide you is always 
A great way of keeping your day on track.
They are also the creative and logistical contact 
Between you and your vendors. Your day, while beautiful,
Can also be emotional and overwhelming. 
Having someone there to assist every step of the way
Is a great way of allowing yourself, and your guests, 
To be free of last-minute hiccups.
After all is said and done, remember your wedding day
Is all about you and your betrothed. 
So figure out the nitty-gritty details, plan accordingly, 
And relish in all the day has to offer.

Balloons and Bows

Adding bows, ribbons, and balloons to your backyard wedding decorations
Will help you avoid over-using flowers, or give you an alternative to 
Plant-based decor if you're not exactly a flower fan. 
Use balloons in your wedding colors to adorn the ends of the
Aisles where guests will sit, or have a large balloon bouquet made to 
Accent the area of the yard where you will exchange your vows. 
You can also rent a balloon arch for the wedding, or use small
Balloon bouquets as the centerpieces for the outdoor tables 
Where guests will enjoy the reception. Tie satin ribbons around 
The balloon arrangements to add an elegant feel, and use ribbon
Or bows for decorating the chairs by attaching large bows to the
Backs of the seats. You can also use bows or ribbon to tie your bouquet
Together, or keep the flowers in your bridesmaid's bouquets intact.

So, you are inspired and full with ideas, you have many inspiring boards

On Pinterest and you’ve read all the magazines that exist but you 

Don’t have to plan a celebrity's look alike wedding to party and feel 

Special .At the end of the day, your wedding is about you, your fiancé 
And Your loved ones. Yes, shiny, fancy, expensive things look pretty and
Are Nice To have, but they aren’t must-haves. So here at Wedding 
Party ,We’re suggesting that simple is better and less is more.
Share us on your wedding plans…
See you on the next post,

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tattooed Brides

This week we are going to talk about tattoos and brides,
Should they be revealed or covered at your wedding? 
Here's some tips, trends and different ideas.
I think:
Tattoos are who you are. By all means let them show!
Stay with me…

Found on  
Many years ago, when I was a girl and wanted a tattoo, 
People told me-"what will you do when you get married? 
A bride with tattoos is not pretty!" In the last years, I am happy
To see that there is more and more brides and grooms that are 
Getting married and showing their colorful sleeves and back tattoos.
After all, you need to be yourself at your wedding, 
And if your aunt has anything to say just smile and walk away.
This is your day, be whoever you want, come as you are and in
What you believe in. here are some beautiful tattoos for inspiration:


 To show or to hide?

For many, tattoos are a way of life.
For others an embarrassing reminder of their youthful folly or
A passing fad.
So when it comes to the wedding, a bride with tattoos will
Have to ask herself The big question:
To show or to hide?
It's normal that you would want to show them off,
They are a natural part Of who you are!
 Find a dress that completely reveals your tats, so everyone can
Appreciate them in the full. If you have a tattoo on your cleavage,
Look for a sweetheart neckline, if you have them on your
Arms a strapless,And if they are on your back,
A halter neck will do. If your tattoo is on
Your leg, then choose a short skirt.

 If you decide to hide your tattoo(s) there are lots of specialist make-ups
That can cover them. They are very thick and cover anything.
For a perfect finish choose one that is the same color as your skin
(remember you may have a spray tan done just before).
After application, dust off with powder for a matte finish.
 Buy the make-up a while before the wedding so you can get lots of practice in.
You could also look for a dress that covers the tattoo.

Henna Tattoo :
Henna has been there for centuries in the Arab World.
Arab women have been using henna to dye their hair and draw
Beautiful patterns on their hands and feet during special occasions.
It looks like the younger generations are getting into the
Henna trend especially at Henna parties and bachelorette parties.
Not all young brides are daring enough to put on permanent tattoos!
Like their wedding date, or matching tattoos with their groom.

Here are a few ideas you might like:
Henna Tattoo Collage


So what do you think?
Will you have a new tattoo for your wedding?
Will you do a temporary one, permanent one or Henna?
Share us, photos will be welcome!

See you on the next post,

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wedding Boutonnieres

This week we will talk about the Boutonniere.
How to wear, how to match it to your res sans how to DIY... 
Stay with me. 

A boutonniere is the male equivalent of the female corsage. 

The boutonniere is usually a collection of one or two small flowers.

 It is always pinned to the left lapel of the tuxedo or suit.

The boutonniere tends to be less expensive then the corsage and they are
Actually one of the simplest floral arrangements to make if one is trying 
To save Money at weddings or proms.
A man’s floral boutonniere may range in price from 10-40 US Dollars (USD),
Depending upon the flowers chosen, and the florist’s mark-up.
Sometimes boutonnieres are included in the price of a large order of 
The groom, groomsmen, ushers, and the fathers of the bride and groom 
Wear boutonnieres at weddings.
 If someone other than the father is escorting the bride down the aisle,
He should also Wear a boutonniere.

How to Wear a Boutonniere

The boutonnière is worn on the left lapel of a men’s suit, sport jacket,

Or blazer jacket; it can also be worn on an overcoat.

The boutonniere is always attached above a man’s heart, and it should be

Worn in the lapel’s button-hole, a 1 to 1.5 inch opening that is a vestige 

Of When a man’s jacket lapels closed to protect his neck.

DIY Boutonniere:

DIY Feather Boutonniere
Step 1: Choose feathers and accent pieces in your colors
Step 2: Gather the pieces and arrange them exactly how you want them 
To look on your boutonniere.
Step 3: Using floral tape . bind your feathers together at the base. 
Be sure they are all secure in the adhesive and will not slip out!
Step 4: You’re done.
Making our own feather and floral pieces was one of the easiest DIY’s 
We chose to do! I highly recommend it and it’s a project that can be done 
Months in advance, which is always nice!


So which Boutonniere would you chose?
Will you DIY or will you buy one?
Which combination did you choose- Flowers, fathers or textile?
Share and comment ...
see you on the next post,
 . Talila

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