Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wedding Favors

This week we will talk about Wedding Favors.
How to make the gifts by  yourself  for your guests
Tips, trends and recommendations for choosing a gift for your guests…

DIY wedding favors can be cheap or expensive, depending mostly on how
 Large you choose to make the favors. Fortunately, even if you can only 
Afford tiny jars or packages, the personal touch of hand-written notes
And homemade goods is so impressive that size won’t matter.
Whether you’re going big or small, here are creative ideas for favors you 
Can put together at home. Thinking of giving your guests some fun little favors'?
Then here are a few ideas for your special day!

I hope this has given you a few ideas...
So what did you chose to give for the guests?
Which idea you loved the most?
Share with us, waiting for your comments…

See you on the next post,
Talila ♥