Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wedding Car Decoration

We've already talked about the fact that it is not clear what exactly the role of the groom on the wedding day itself. The bride wakes up with the sunrise and begins to prepare for a day that includes tasks that the groom cannot do even in a week...
He wakes up when she has already finished with the makeup and hair, and until she eats a little something for lunch, he isn’t even completed his only mission this morning: to shave…

At noon comes the important part "of the groom's day - collecting the bouquet and car decoration…
You can go to a place that you decorate and you can also learn how to make your own decoration.

Chain of cans - like Hollywood movies, , Chinese balls or chains that you can buy or prepare yourself, has something magical in it , just keep in mind that the noise can be annoying, so this is not the day to check the verge of a nervous bride … Maybe add the decoration when you drive on the way home…

Moshe and I, we took the car for decoration in the store where we bought the bouquet.
We asked for a very simple decoration,
Three ribbons and some flowers in the center...
And that's it.

I would like you to share, what car decoration did you had? Which car you rode? Or what decoration you would like to have on your wedding?
I would love you to share and comment.

See you on the next post,
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