Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wedding Animals

This week we will talk about our animals. Almost everybody has one or two- besides our partner..
This week we will talk including our pets in the wedding... 

You must know how much love and care this creatures give and how much they are always there for us. This is why there is no good reason not to include them in the big day, especially when you can easily decorate their belt or make them a special ribbon..

Sure, nobody wants their dress filled with hair, but a few photos won't do any harm. In another 10, 20 years you will look at those photos and remember the time you had with your pet, and I can guarantee you won't be sorry for including them.
Here's some cute pets that joined the party:

What do you think about including your pet in the wedding?
How would you dress it or decorate its collar?
If you have photos I would like you to share here.

See you on the next post,
Talila. ♥

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