Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gothic Wedding Invitation

With all your Gothic wedding ideas in place, the invitations should not be forgotten, as they give your guests and idea of what to look forward to at your wedding. The invitations can be designed by yourself, or by means of the templates available online. There are some elements that go into designing a Gothic wedding invitation, to give it that authentic look.

The best colors to use as a background for wedding invitations such as these are red, orange, black, purple, gray, and deep blue.

You can have a black and white picture of the couple as an element in the background.
Or have an entirely black background that highlights two red roses.
Whatever design you choose, the main thing is the invitations will tell the guests about the couple marrying, on theme of the wedding, about the place and time.

How would you design your invitation? With black tulle on paper with antique writing?
Or red letters with golden black decorations?
Share with us, waiting for your comments…

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