Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gothic Wedding Décor

This wedding is not recommended for all who love pink and Hello Kitty among you, but anyone who is a black stripe painted eyes since she was a Teenage and love metal music since she was in diapers will probably like it…
This wedding does not have to be a hardcore black and white .gothic touches can be incorporated in the decoration, in the invitations, the dress and the suit,
Without the Gothic tone takes over the theme of the wedding. Gothic style is very dominant, so the secret is to know to incorporate it in a gentle way.

The bride should look Gothic - of course. It does not need a black dress, but smoky makeup, red lips and nails the same color are a necessity. In addition, the bride can wear hair ornaments or jewelry dark gothic far-reaching and may even choose their own engagement ring in a Victorian style.
Gothic element appears in flower arrangements and invitations, images of flowers in dark wine color, blue - black and purple smoky.

Gothic weddings are one of my highlighted wedding favorites. They are the most impressionable, romantic, and delightful weddings.
This wedding design is important because the line between a joke or a romantic wedding is very thin.
All of the accessories and colors should be with a connection to each other.

Are you having a Gothic wedding, or attending one soon? 
What ideas do you have  for planning AGothic-Inspired wedding Theme?

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