Wednesday, October 2, 2013

wedding food

Actually, I don’t remember what I had on my wedding, especially the food, perhaps just a bit:
At the reception we had a selection of Appetizers and salad.
The next dish was fish with mix stuffing, goose with honey sauce, BBQ entrecote, a large Variety of salads, an open bar with alcohol from abroad and deserts bar.
I haven’t actually eaten anything; we just passed from table to table thanking our guests for coming.

When guests receive their wedding invitation, most will assume that there will be some sort of meal provided for them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to plan a gourmet five course sit down dinner. The type of wedding you choose to serve will depend on the style and feel of your wedding as well as the time of day and your catering budget. Here are some common options for wedding food.

Formal sit down dinner

Buffet or BBQ


So share me, what was your wedding menu?
Or which one would you choose?
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My Pinterest Wedding food idea: