Monday, October 28, 2013

Wedding decorations

This week we will talk about wedding decorations

.Tips, trends and some warm recommendations for the happy couple

:Here are some design ideas

Weddings are one of the special occasions that get the highest 
priority in among the society across the world. Every wedding party 
is seriously planned out days before so that the best of all comes out! A perfect  wedding decorations is one of the first and foremost important factors that 
everyone wants perfection in it.

A proper wedding decoration makes people to feel comfortable, 
enjoy the special occasion and take back good memories and 
cherish them over the years. Therefore, wedding decorations must be very fine and absolute. They should be well planned and organized. 
Some of the important points that wedding decorations
 must be based upon are like:
- The decoration should match with the theme of the occasion.
- Special things should be added like decorations with
 scented candles etc, these help in giving spark to perfection
 -It should be modern with no excess in decors. 
Considering points like these help to add perfection 
in the wedding decorations to deliver the best 
of any special wedding occasions.
Here are some wedding ideas designs:

Our wedding décor:
Our wedding' as I told you before' was very modest and simple.
Therefor the place and the design were included in the price of the place. The reception took place on the halls roof' which was in front of the beach of Tell Aviv, above the Dollphinarium. The wedding decorations and the canopy were white with flowers and bows of leaves on top of it. The tables at the reception had small flowers bouquets.
I would love you to share, what design are you planning for your reception? What design would you like for your ceremony? Which colors would you choose?
Share and I would like to share all the other readers.

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