Monday, October 7, 2013

Today is my birthday

Today I'm celebrating my 40th birthday. I still don’t know about how, 
but I'm going to party. 
 This year I want to be thankful of what I have, my dear husband, 
his love and support and for the man he is. I also thank for my children, 
each one is unique in his own way, thank you my darlings. 
 This year I want to break throw, and fulfill every of my promises.
 Wake up every morning and being satisfied with myself,  
clear some time for me, spend more time with my husband and my kids.
 This year I want to create, design and connect with the materials.
 I wish for myself and everyone love, happiness and success.
And for my birthday, heres a little gift, a guide for amazing crystal ring. 
Easy to make and great looking!!

80 centimeters of thin metal string
7 crystal bids 5 millimeters size
48 crystal bids 4 millimeters size

      1. Start by threading 2 little bids and crossing them.

2. Do it 4 times.

3.thread 3 bids in a row and cross them.
4.thread 4 bids in a row and cross them.
5.thread 5 bids in a row and cross them.
7. thread a large bid, small, large, small, large and cross them.

8.thread again a small bid, large bid, small, large, small and cross them.
9.thread 5 small bids in a row and cross them.
10.thread 4 bids and cross them.
11.thread 3 small bids and cross.

Continue like this until you get to the start point. Don’t forget to stretch the string all the time. Measure the ring on your finger before the connection. If it fits, you can connect the ends. If it is small, you can thread a couple of bids and cross them, until it fits.

Happy birthday,
And see you on the next post,
Talila. ♥