Sunday, October 13, 2013

Groom's Accessories

In a wedding, bride and groom are the holders of maximum attention. There is not even a single person in the guests list who doesn't look at Them.
Let’s face it…the bride isn’t the only one who should look their best at The Wedding, and I know plenty of grooms who would love to have
This personal Accessory added to their wedding day attire.
I Found some groom accessories inspiration pics to show you. 

 Polished, comfortable shoes are a must to ensure that the men in the bridal Entourage are able to enjoy the day without squashed toes and blistered feet. Depending on the suit, the shoes are usually black or brown. However, each Couple and wedding is unique, and the shoes allow for you to get creative. Fun options include boots, wellingtons and sneakers.

Bow Ties
First up on our list of groom accessories are bow ties. Becoming more and More popular for grooms

Do not wear a watch unless you have a stylish, elegant one. Your Plastic Diving watch will only detract from the formality of the day (no Matter How Many metres down you can dive with it).
Cuff links

These tiny flourishes can make a big statement, and you should Absolutely Have them as part of your accessories. You can go with a classic Silver Square, or again take an opportunity to express yourself.


Your belt should match the colour of your shoes, and should be Comfortable. Do not squeeze into a belt you already have if it does not fit properly. Rather, invest in or hire a belt that is flattering and easy to dance in.


The standard option with waistcoats is to hire them along with the rest of Your outfit. There are endless colour options to choose from and normally the Groom and his attendants wear matching waistcoats that complement the Colour theme of the wedding. If you want something a bit special you can Buy your own waistcoat or have one handmade to a pattern and in the Fabric of your choice or with your names and wedding date embroidered on It.

And now some questions for the grooms:
What accessories do you plan to wear on your wedding?
Or if you have already got married, which accessories you wore?
Which kind of tie- Bow tie or regular?
Which accessories would you recommend on for the grooms- to-be?
I would like you to share and comment.

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