Monday, October 28, 2013

Wedding decorations

This week we will talk about wedding decorations

.Tips, trends and some warm recommendations for the happy couple

:Here are some design ideas

Weddings are one of the special occasions that get the highest 
priority in among the society across the world. Every wedding party 
is seriously planned out days before so that the best of all comes out! A perfect  wedding decorations is one of the first and foremost important factors that 
everyone wants perfection in it.

A proper wedding decoration makes people to feel comfortable, 
enjoy the special occasion and take back good memories and 
cherish them over the years. Therefore, wedding decorations must be very fine and absolute. They should be well planned and organized. 
Some of the important points that wedding decorations
 must be based upon are like:
- The decoration should match with the theme of the occasion.
- Special things should be added like decorations with
 scented candles etc, these help in giving spark to perfection
 -It should be modern with no excess in decors. 
Considering points like these help to add perfection 
in the wedding decorations to deliver the best 
of any special wedding occasions.
Here are some wedding ideas designs:

Our wedding décor:
Our wedding' as I told you before' was very modest and simple.
Therefor the place and the design were included in the price of the place. The reception took place on the halls roof' which was in front of the beach of Tell Aviv, above the Dollphinarium. The wedding decorations and the canopy were white with flowers and bows of leaves on top of it. The tables at the reception had small flowers bouquets.
I would love you to share, what design are you planning for your reception? What design would you like for your ceremony? Which colors would you choose?
Share and I would like to share all the other readers.

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My Pinterest Wedding-Deor bord:

Sunday, October 20, 2013


This week, my husband and I,  celebrates 12 years of marriage.
We got married in Tel Aviv, in a place right above the sea, on a roof showing the beach of Tel Aviv, in front of the beautiful sunset, with lots of alcohol and excitement.
It’s a shame all that left from the place is this.. We always  pass throw it, but never even stopped to see it up close.. So this week we went out celebrating and recreating some of this day, and here is what we saw..

A bit scary isn’t it?..

Goes amazing with the jewelries from the new collection..

So tell me, where did you got married? Where would you wish for? Or have you heard about an original wedding location?
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My Gothic jewelry Pinterest board

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Groom's Accessories

In a wedding, bride and groom are the holders of maximum attention. There is not even a single person in the guests list who doesn't look at Them.
Let’s face it…the bride isn’t the only one who should look their best at The Wedding, and I know plenty of grooms who would love to have
This personal Accessory added to their wedding day attire.
I Found some groom accessories inspiration pics to show you. 

 Polished, comfortable shoes are a must to ensure that the men in the bridal Entourage are able to enjoy the day without squashed toes and blistered feet. Depending on the suit, the shoes are usually black or brown. However, each Couple and wedding is unique, and the shoes allow for you to get creative. Fun options include boots, wellingtons and sneakers.

Bow Ties
First up on our list of groom accessories are bow ties. Becoming more and More popular for grooms

Do not wear a watch unless you have a stylish, elegant one. Your Plastic Diving watch will only detract from the formality of the day (no Matter How Many metres down you can dive with it).
Cuff links

These tiny flourishes can make a big statement, and you should Absolutely Have them as part of your accessories. You can go with a classic Silver Square, or again take an opportunity to express yourself.


Your belt should match the colour of your shoes, and should be Comfortable. Do not squeeze into a belt you already have if it does not fit properly. Rather, invest in or hire a belt that is flattering and easy to dance in.


The standard option with waistcoats is to hire them along with the rest of Your outfit. There are endless colour options to choose from and normally the Groom and his attendants wear matching waistcoats that complement the Colour theme of the wedding. If you want something a bit special you can Buy your own waistcoat or have one handmade to a pattern and in the Fabric of your choice or with your names and wedding date embroidered on It.

And now some questions for the grooms:
What accessories do you plan to wear on your wedding?
Or if you have already got married, which accessories you wore?
Which kind of tie- Bow tie or regular?
Which accessories would you recommend on for the grooms- to-be?
I would like you to share and comment.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Today is my birthday

Today I'm celebrating my 40th birthday. I still don’t know about how, 
but I'm going to party. 
 This year I want to be thankful of what I have, my dear husband, 
his love and support and for the man he is. I also thank for my children, 
each one is unique in his own way, thank you my darlings. 
 This year I want to break throw, and fulfill every of my promises.
 Wake up every morning and being satisfied with myself,  
clear some time for me, spend more time with my husband and my kids.
 This year I want to create, design and connect with the materials.
 I wish for myself and everyone love, happiness and success.
And for my birthday, heres a little gift, a guide for amazing crystal ring. 
Easy to make and great looking!!

80 centimeters of thin metal string
7 crystal bids 5 millimeters size
48 crystal bids 4 millimeters size

      1. Start by threading 2 little bids and crossing them.

2. Do it 4 times.

3.thread 3 bids in a row and cross them.
4.thread 4 bids in a row and cross them.
5.thread 5 bids in a row and cross them.
7. thread a large bid, small, large, small, large and cross them.

8.thread again a small bid, large bid, small, large, small and cross them.
9.thread 5 small bids in a row and cross them.
10.thread 4 bids and cross them.
11.thread 3 small bids and cross.

Continue like this until you get to the start point. Don’t forget to stretch the string all the time. Measure the ring on your finger before the connection. If it fits, you can connect the ends. If it is small, you can thread a couple of bids and cross them, until it fits.

Happy birthday,
And see you on the next post,
Talila. ♥


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

wedding food

Actually, I don’t remember what I had on my wedding, especially the food, perhaps just a bit:
At the reception we had a selection of Appetizers and salad.
The next dish was fish with mix stuffing, goose with honey sauce, BBQ entrecote, a large Variety of salads, an open bar with alcohol from abroad and deserts bar.
I haven’t actually eaten anything; we just passed from table to table thanking our guests for coming.

When guests receive their wedding invitation, most will assume that there will be some sort of meal provided for them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to plan a gourmet five course sit down dinner. The type of wedding you choose to serve will depend on the style and feel of your wedding as well as the time of day and your catering budget. Here are some common options for wedding food.

Formal sit down dinner

Buffet or BBQ


So share me, what was your wedding menu?
Or which one would you choose?
Share and comment down here.
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My Pinterest Wedding food idea:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gest Post -Cotton Ridge

Hey everybody, this Week another blog is posting about me and my jewelries.

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