Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Year's Eve

Today we are in Israel, celebrating New Year's Eve (Hebrew year). 
Of course everything around food ... food and more food…
We are not a big eaters,
But what to do when you have to visit your mother – and
 she cooks for 70 people instead of 10 people …:)
You know - a Jewish mother…
So besides food, I decided to sew for my baby - beautiful hair bow - for a birthday party and holiday dinner.
All you need is:
Tape measure - to measure the extent of the baby's head
A stone inlay
Wide ribbon
Sew the ends of the ribbon by the extent that we cut.

Stitched decoration on the seam to cover.

Position the element and embed the stone in place.

And that's it,

We have a festive hair ribbon…

Happy New Year to everyone