Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Signs

This week we will talk about wedding signs.
Tips, trends and some warm recommendations for the happy couple.

Point the way to your wedding with a rustic sign you can make yourself
Write "Ceremony" or "Wedding This Way" in white paint on a flat, rectangular piece of wooden board. Choose a board that is about 1 1/2 ft in length and about 5 inches wide. Allow to dry.
Paint any additional embellishments on the sign if desired, such as small images of wedding cakes or dresses, or try painting glitter over the entire sign.
Hammer metal hooks into each end of the sign and string a thin piece of wire through the hooks. Hang the sign over a fence post or other applicable surface. Add a hanging flower bouquet to the display, if desired.
Idea -2
Take an old wooden mailbox, complete with its wooden stake, from a friend's basement, auction or other source. If the paint is chipping, you can either leave it as is or sand and re-paint the mailbox as desired. This can include small paintings of wedding images such as the bride and groom, wedding cakes, wedding favors and wedding invitations.
Paint "Wedding" or other applicable phrase in big letters across the mailbox top on both sides. Allow to dry.
Place in desired area to show guests where to go.

A wedding sign is a perfect way to add personal and creative  touch to the wedding ceremony and  help to direct the wedding guests, of course! The styles of the signs can range from rustic to elegant to shabby chic, and they can be used as road signs, banners, labels, etc. There is no limit to the shapes, sizes, colors, and styles you can use.  They can be incredibly cute and customized special for you.  The wedding sign is a simple way to spell out your love, or anything that reflects the look and feel of your day. Let’s take a look at some wonderful 
wedding sign…

I love this.

I would like you to share, what sign did you had at your wedding?
or which sign you would like to have at it?
I would love if you share and comment.


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