Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wedding Cake

This week we will talk about wedding cakes. Tips, trends and some warm recommendations for choosing the perfect cake.


Choosing the best wedding cake depends on your own likes and dislikes, the wedding theme, and your budget. While it is ultimately up to you to choose the cake, the choice can be made a little easier by following these steps

If you already have a design that you’ve had in your head for years, chances are someone has already got there first. Sorry, but it’s actually a good thing!
Try searching on Pinterest  for your cake keywords and see if you can find a vision. Get   your cake designer to mix it up and create something original


Calculate how many guests you'll be having. This dictates the size of cake you'll need, which will affect how much the cake will cost. Since you likely won't have received RSVPs yet, add up the number of guests you invited. Assume that everyone will come and you'll need enough to feed each person. Plan for three tiers of cake for between 50 and 100 guests. Add another layer
. for every 50 guests after 100

contemporary wedding cake for something a little different.

Choosing Your Wedding Cake Shape

Your wedding cake’s shape may make a slight difference in the number of guests it will serve, but not by much. The shape of your wedding cake will have a lot of impact on the design you choose, however. Some designs look better on square cakes and others look better on round cakes. So, before you choose your wedding cake design, decide on the shape of your wedding cake.

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Decide on your budget.
Once you've got some idea of the type of cake you'd like, you'll need to work out how much money you have to spend on the cake. Be realistic and compare the prices of various cake vendors. When it gets down to the time of choosing the baker, you can ask for quotes and then compare these and ask for discounts where appropriate.

Good to know!
Choose your baker.
 Keep working with the baker regularly to improve and adjust your cake ideas. Ask for sample mock-ups to help you through the process. Be sure to let your baker know about decoration and design wishes, and if you intend on providing any of the cake decorations, get these to the baker on time.


Decide on how you want to decorate your wedding cake, whether you want to keep it simple and cute or splendid and rich. Avoid over-decorating the cake. It is not necessary to have a five-tiered cake. Your baker will help you determine what size cake you need for your guest count.

I would like you to tell me which cake would you prefer?      
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