Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Bridesmaid:Part 2

This week we'll continue to talk about bridesmaid, Bridal party and Bridesmaid gift.

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Gift Ideas for Your Maid of Honor:

Your maid of honor plays a big role in your wedding. Not only is she responsible for planning your bridal shower and bachelorette party, but she also makes sure things run smoothly during the ceremony and reception. By your wedding day, the close female friend or family member you've picked to serve as your maid of honor has spent plenty of time and money to make your big day a success. She's watched you try on countless dresses, visited caterers to find the perfect cake design and been by your side through all the wedding-related worries and planning.
To say thank you for all this work, treat your maid of honor to a special gift beyond the standard bridesmaids' favors. Remember though -- this can't just be any gift. Give her something timeless that she'll enjoy for many years, or something completely luxurious that she'd never buy for herself.

Make a personalized gift:

§  Home-cooked goodies (cookies, pies, brownies, cupcakes, jars of jam or spices, etc.)
§  Handmade items (knitted scarf, painting, vase, etc. )
§  Scrapbook or photo album
§  A framed poem or a recorded song

Something entertaining:

§  Tickets to a show or sporting event
§  A set of movies featuring her favorite director or actor
§  Subscription of her favorite magazine
§  Gift certificates to a venue or theatre
§  Latest book or CD from her favorite author or artist

Something to pamper her:

§  Silk apparel (pajamas or robe)
§  Gift certificates to a boutique, luxury spa or salon
§  Bath sets or makeup kits
§  Scented candles or all natural soaps, beauty baskets

Something related to her hobbies:

§  Gym membership or workout gear
§  Gift certificate for classes she wanted to learn (dancing, singing, pottery, etc.)
§  Gadget case with her initials (travel kit, camera bag, flight bag, etc.)
§  A new cookbook or gardening guide

Food related gifts:

§  A bottle of luxury wine
§  Gift certificate to her favorite restaurant
§  Decadent chocolates
§  Deluxe picnic basket


§  Bag (tote bag, clutch, purse, etc.)
§  Personalized jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelets, etc.)
§  Shoes (slippers or flat shoes they can wear during the reception)

§  Brooch or hair accessories


:Bridal Shower Themes and Ideas

A bridal shower is a fun way for a woman's friends and family to celebrate her, prior to the wedding. As they "shower" her with gifts, they prepare her to start her own household. Historically, bridal showers started when women wanted to marry "unsuitable husbands" and thus their families refused to provide a dowry. Friends of the couple gathered to pitch in and make up for the lack of a dowry by helping them set up house. Today, they are a time to share stories, eat great food, and pay special attention to the bride. 


The Spa Shower

Let someone else do the work of relaxing the crowd. You can bring the group to a spa or have aestheticians come to you with their magic potions and talents. Note: If guests want to have facials done, you shouldn't plan this shower too close to the wedding date. No one wants to be blotchy on the big day.

The Wine and Cheese-Tasting Shower

Nothing breaks the ice better than food, so why not make the shower all about exciting peoples' palates? Wine or cheese tastings encourage guests to nibble, compare, and talk. Local cheese mongers and wine merchants are usually happy to select a tasting menu, but you can also turn to online cheese and wine specialists for reliable, easy, delicious results.
Beach Party 

If you live near a beach, a sunset bonfire is a great cost-effective bachelorette party. Bonfire menus are simple to create, with foods that are easily heated on an open flame. Gather around the campfire and reminisce on the good old days. Don’t forget the s’mores and hot dogs! 

Karaoke: Take the bride to a karaoke bar and the fun will ensue! Task her with getting up on stage and singing a love song that reminds her of her groom-to-be. While gifts are not required, if you would like to give a gift at the bachelorette party, a CD would be a great gift to go along with the wedding planning theme.

When planning your bachelorette party, remember the guest of honor. Never plan activities where the bride would be uncomfortable, bored or too embarrassed to participate. Do you research and consult with the other bridesmaids and friends of the    brides to select the perfect night out that your guest of honor will never forget


:Bridal Shower Games

Name that Couple
What you need: name tags
How to play: Create a list of famous couples. They can be actual people (William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman), television characters (Ross and Rachel from Friends) or even cartoon couples (Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse). When guests arrive, write each name on a different name tag and place it on a back. Once everyone has a name tag and all couples have a “mate” represented, guests then go around the room asking for clues to guess who their character is (Am I living or alive? Am I a real person or a television character?) Once a couple has discovered their own identity and their better half, they win! 

Wedding Word Jumble 
What you need: Dry erase board or Large tablet; answer sheets and pens for each guest 
How to play: Have someone write 10-15 jumbled wedding planning-related terms (bride, groom, reception, ceremony, etc.) on the dry erase board or tablet and have guests unscramble the words on answer sheets. Whoever has the most bridal shower words unscrambled at the end of the 20 minutes is the winner.

Tissue Wedding Dress Design
What you need: Teams of three (two designers, one “model” bride); 3 rolls of tissue
How to play: Each team is responsible for designing a wedding dress out of their 3 rolls of toilet tissue. Each team has 30 minutes to complete a head to toe wedding dress look on their model “bride.” At the end of the 30 minutes, the group with the most original design wins. 
Clothespin Challenge
What you need: A box of clothespins
How to play: When guests arrive to the bridal shower, tell them a keyword or phrase that’s off-limits to say during the party and give them a clothespin to wear. Whenever a guest is overheard saying the keyword, take their clothespin and keep it for the rest of the party. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the shower is the winner. 
I Never
What you need: Wine or Liquor
How to play: Bridal shower guests take turns going around the room saying the words “I never . . .” and completing the sentence with a fun or outrageous action. For example, “I never . . . went topless on a beach.” If someone in the room has participated in the activity, they must take a sip of wine or a shot of alcohol. Since this game can get a little out of hand, its best if played at an overnight bridal shower or with designated drivers handy! 


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