Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Bridesmaid

Part 1:
This week We will talk about the bridesmaid.
How to Choose a Bridesmaid?
What her role at the wedding?
And which dress fits her best?

Stay with me, it's going to be interesting…


How to Choose your Bridesmaid?

It's a problem faced by many brides. You have lots of friends, but, for whatever reasons, all won't be asked to bridesmaids. Maybe you only want three. Maybe you just want your sisters. Whatever the reason, how to you face your other friends? 
You will need to make sure that the people you choose as bridesmaids are available and willing to stand up in your wedding. Sometimes things like logistics, previous obligations, or expenses play a role and keep people who would otherwise love to accommodate you from doing so.
If you are able to help with expenses or sort through other issues, you might be able to come to a mutually satisfactory conclusion. If not, you may need to ask someone else.
There are also personality issues to consider. If your sister and a friend that you would like to serve as one of your bridesmaids do not exactly get along, asking both to be bridesmaids may prove awkward. While most people assume that loved ones will be able to manage such conflicts for the duration of one special day, you need to determine whether or not this is true of the people you have in mind. You don't want to risk spoiling one of the most important days of your life due to unresolved differences between your bridesmaids.
In addition, consider your own comfort level and that of your groom. It is best to avoid asking anyone that makes your beloved uncomfortable, since it is his day too. As far as your own comfort is concerned, don't let anyone manipulate you into asking her or someone else to be a bridesmaid if you'd rather not. For example, if your mother-in-law-to-be insists that you ask her daughter, find a way to politely decline if the idea makes you uncomfortable. If you and your sister-in-law are not particularly close, inform her mother that you have already asked long time friends and your own family members to be bridesmaids.

Choose bridesmaids that will be able to help you with last minute details and those that will make you feel most at ease. Surrounding yourself with those closest to you is the      surest way to make sure your wedding is the magical day you want it to be

How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

 Here are some tips to make sure your choice is a success with everyone:

Choose the Color Which Is the Most Flattering
One of the mistakes that many brides make when choosing bridesmaid dresses is picking a color which is completely unflattering to their bridesmaids. Of course, it is very difficult to choose a color which is going to look beautiful on each and every single girl which you are going to have as a bridesmaid. However, there is often one color which will look good on most of them - and this is the color which you will probably want to go with. Most brides tend to find that dark colors are often more flattering among their bridesmaids than light colors. While you may have always thought about choosing a lilac color, you may want to instead opt for a dark purple.

Choose the Dress Style Which is The Most 
It is often very hard for a bride to find the perfect dress style when selecting bridesmaid's dresses. This is especially true if all of the bridesmaids which are going to be included in your wedding ceremony have different body shapes. Choosing the dress style which is most appropriate for the majority of your bridesmaids is pretty important. If you have one bridesmaid who has very skinny arms but three bridesmaids who do not, you probably will not want to have strapless bridesmaid dresses. One of the options which is becoming more common nowadays is for brides to allow their bridesmaids to each wear a different dress style, but in the same color
Choose the Dresses Which Are the Most Affordable
Like most bridesmaids, yours will probably be paying for their own bridesmaids dresses. It is very important for you to consider whether or not the dresses which you are thinking about choosing for your bridesmaids will be affordable enough for them. Since they will probably never have a need to wear these dresses again in their lives, opting for bridesmaid dresses which are less expensive is probably the best way for you to go. It is a good idea for you to get a price range from each of your bridesmaids before you even begin to do your shopping.
If you are interested in getting the most satisfaction from each of your bridesmaids, it is a good idea to have them included throughout the entire process of choosing dresses. These, of course, are just some of the main factors which you may want to think about when choosing the bridesmaid dresses which you think will be perfect for your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid's duties:
 Helping the bride shop for her dress and bridesmaids’ dresses
Helping the maid of honor to plan a bridal shower, and, if appropriate, chipping in for the costs of food, decorations, or venue
Helping to plan a bachelorette party (this the bridesmaids may pay for or split the cost with the other attendees)
Helping the bride dress (and stay calm) before the ceremony
Providing moral support at all times
Telling others where the couple is registered and other details, such as when they will return from their honeymoon, where to send gifts, and any name changes.
Being useful at the wedding reception . The couple may ask you to help direct guests to the guestbook, assist with a special moment, make sure that vendors have arrived, or do crisis management. You might also want to stick around after the reception and make sure things are cleaned up and wedding presents secured.
being social. Be sure to talk to as many guests as you can, making them feel warmly welcomed. If there's a dance floor, help get the party going!
consider throwing (or helping to pitch in for) a day-after brunch. These events are great to help the couple catch up with out-of-town guests, and have a more relaxed environment to socialize in.
A good bridesmaid also makes sure she is helpful rather than a hindrance. This means being where she needs to be, on time, ordering her bridesmaid dress at the right time, and not badmouthing the bride behind her back. 
A Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor has additional duties. She is the person whom the bride most wants to honor and celebrate her friendship. At the wedding ceremony, she has the honor of being the last to walk down the aisle before the bride, and stands next to her during the ceremony. In addition to a bridesmaid's duties, listed above, a maid of honor should:
Help with wedding planning, such as researching locations, florists, caterers and other vendors.
Volunteer to help address wedding invitations and/or announcements
make sure her fellow bridesmaids have ordered their dresses and accessories on time
helping with the rehearsal dinner
holding the bouquet during the ceremony
giving a meaningful toast during the reception.

To be continued