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Wedding Thank you notes

This week we will talk about Wedding Thank you notes.
How to design it, tips and hot trends

Sending a thank you note is always a lovely gesture.
Thank you. Those two words are simple, but yet powerful. They are the tools that help us grow and sustain relationships. They are ways of expressing personal gratitude for kindness, favours, donations, and specific actions you find admirable. Although you may have already given a verbal thank you for the gift or the gesture, it's highly appropriate and just plain good manners to follow that up with a special handwritten thank you message on a card or beautiful stationery.
Whenever a thoughtful person has gone out of their way for you, that is your cue to take a moment to express your sincere thanks. Although good thank-you notes are easy to write, they mean a lot to the people who receive them. Do you remember the wonderful feeling you had the last time you received a thank-you note? You may have even saved a memorable one. Right now, at this very moment, you are just a few lines away from writing a great thank-you note and promptly reciprocating a kind gesture!
Preparing to Write a Thank-you Note
·         Choose lovely stationery or a beautiful card that is blank inside.
·         Select a nice pen with an ink colour that is appropriate for the occasion.
·         Have an envelope ready with ample postage.
·         Focus on what you are grateful for.


Tips for Writing Wedding Thank You Notes:

 Get Organized: In the weeks after the wedding, put your thank you notes in a package that can fit in your purse, and pack a pen too. Whenever you’ve got some time to fill, you're thank you notes are ready for you to work on. They can be completed virtually anywhere-- on the plane as you come home from honeymoon, at the doctor’s office or any time you have an opportunity to work on them.
 Reflect Your Personality: Be sure to choose thank you cards that represent you and your husband in some way... that will make writing out your cards a lot more fun.
 Share the Job: There is no reason the Mrs. has to write out all the thank you notes herself. If it was a joint gift you can both write the notes, or one person can write them and the other can address them. This will help ensure you get the notes sent off in a timely manner.
 Details, Details: Be specific about the gift and include details about why you appreciate it.
 Be Thorough: Don’t forget the proper postage and to use a return address because there is nothing worse than having your card lost at the post office and never knowing it didn’t make it to the recipient.
 Money Matters: If the gift was money, mention how you’ll use it. It’s ok to say you are saving it for a larger purchase (school, car, etc) and how much you appreciate being closer to your goal.
 Have a Personal Touch:  Mention the past, present, and future . You can address the past by mentioning a favorite story about the person or a fun wedding memory. The present is the gift and why you appreciate it, and mentioning the future helps complete the message. We’ll see you at the family reunion in July. Or, we’re looking forward to our vacation to Mexico; thank you for the tip about your favorite restaurant.
 Sign It: Handwritten thank you notes are typically the best because they are the most personal, but in some cases (like if the recipient has poor eyesight and prefers large, printed text) a typed note is preferred. But in either case, get ready to sign your name! It completes the message and makes it more authentic and

How to Choose Thank You Cards for Your Wedding?

You want to show your guests how grateful you are that they attended your wedding and joined in the celebration. This is the purpose of thank you cards -- both to show gratitude for the gifts your guests brought and that they attended the ceremony. By keeping a few details in mind, you'll have an easier time choosing the perfect thank you cards for your wedding.
                     What You Need to Know
·              Consider the theme of your wedding. If you have had a traditional church wedding, you may want a classic thank you card with elegant script. However, if your wedding was a dramatic, medieval event, you may want to go with parchment paper scrolls and calligraphy. By considering your theme, you can choose thank you cards that will coordinate well with the wedding and be perfect for thanking your guests.
·              Take into account you and your spouse's personality when choosing the thank you cards. Everything about the wedding should reflect the personalities of you and your spouse, including the thank you cards. If you are traditional, reserved people, the cards should reflect that. If you are outspoken, fun and adventurous, the cards should reflect that.
Writing the Thank You Notes

Step 1:

Have the list of the guests ready along with the list of the gifts you received from them. Gather a swatch from the bridesmaid dresses so you can match colors for the notes. Also, pick a special quote or saying you would like to use in your cards before beginning.

Step 2:

Purchase thank you cards with your invitations. Some companies create matching thank you cards to go with the invitations for the wedding. If you haven't ordered the invitations, check to see whether there are matching thank you cards. You may be able to get a discount for purchasing them at the same time you purchase your invitations.

Step 3:

Use your colors as a guide. If you do not want to choose thank you cards that match the theme of your wedding, you can choose cards that match your main colors. For instance, if you had pale spring colors, you could choose floral thank you cards. For darker, bolder colors, you can try more artistic cards with deeper colors and designs. Consider buying envelopes with a color theme that matches the card for an extra special touch.

Step 4:

Consider having custom thank you cards created. Whether it's a photo of the smiling bride and groom or a picture from your honeymoon, customized cards are a great way of saying thank you. Many companies, both online and locally, will offer customized cards
using your own quotes or sayings, pictures or designs.
·         Tips & Warnings
·         Print out labels for your card envelopes to efficiently organize and send them out in a timely fashion. Generally, try to do them within a few weeks of your wedding. All the thank you cards should be sent no later than three months of the wedding.
·         Don't try to do all the cards at once. Set yourself a goal for getting a certain number done each week.
·         Be sure to send thank you notes to all who helped you make your wedding a success, including the photographer, wedding planner and DJ if you used those people.
·         When writing the thank you notes to your immediate family and the wedding party, be sure to acknowledge their special contributions

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